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2132, 19 Aug 21

Taliban is Purging Enemies

We have unleashed a level of brutality that few Americans can even comprehend.

But there are fears the Taliban have changed little since the brutal 1990s.

The warning the group were targeting “collaborators” came in a confidential document by the RHIPTO Norwegian Center for Global Analyses, which provides intelligence to the UN.


“There are a high number of individuals that are currently being targeted by the Taliban and the threat is crystal clear,” Christian Nellemann, who heads the group behind the report, told the BBC.


“It is in writing that, unless they give themselves in, the Taliban will arrest and prosecute, interrogate and punish family members on behalf of those individuals.”

He warned that anyone on the Taliban’s blacklist was in severe danger, and that there could be mass executions.


2132, 19 August 2021


  1. Mar

    Child’s play.
    Just another night in liberal run cities.

  2. Merlin

    How can it be that the Taliban are the only ones on their game? The situation couldn’t be much worse if you’d actually scripted it.

    Meanwhile Joe has retired to his Wilmington basement for some R&R and Harris is off to Vietnam and Singapore to test Southeast Asia’s new fall season mattress selections.

    NATO nation calls are going unanswered.

    The Brits are so pissed the UK Parliament has voted to condemn the Biden Administration. Not even Trump got them that upset when he called them NATO deadbeats.

    Canada’s Trudeau has had to call Hillary for answers to his WTF questions. Apparently she’s subbing for Psaki this week.

    The Biden Admin’s Basement Diplomacy Doctrine (otherwise known as ‘f*ck ’em!’) isn’t going over very well at all.

  3. Merlin

    Just finished reading Jennifer Dyer’s latest assessment of current events. She lays out solid reasoning for why she believes the Biden Administration is not operating from incompetence, but outright malevolence. She can be found at several places, but Liberty Unyielding is probably the easiest. Anything she writes is worth your time to read.

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