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2247, 01 Aug 21

Federal Eviction Moratorium Finally Nearing End

If you aren’t paying rent, can you really be called a “renter?”

While many landlords say they can only go so long without being paid, some tenants are left worried about what their next move will be.


“The moratorium ending, it basically means that at any moment I could end up on the street,” said Heather Waller, a renter who has benefited from the eviction moratorium for months.


“I don’t know what tomorrow looks like. So, my anxiety has been really severely bad just thinking about how I might not have a roof over my head.”


2247, 01 August 2021


  1. Mar

    No excuse for not paying rent. There are many programs, both private and government, out there to help people, even single people, to help with rent.

  2. Tuerqas

    Wait, was anyone that did not have a job denied unemployment benefits or at least the 300/month bonus payment? I honestly don’t know if people already off unemployment were still ineligible for new benefits last year. And if those people are the ones we are supposed to be sympathetic to, wouldn’t they have already been on the streets for a year if they could have been evicted?
    I guess I am interested in the number of people receiving unemployment that were not paying rent vs the number of people who did not have any job or unemployment before the pandemic started that were not paying rent.

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