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0809, 02 Aug 21

Parents and Citizens Resist Government Overreach

It is good to see a fair amount of pushback on governments moving to impose mandates and restrictions in response to a resurge of COVID.

We have watched the last week unfold in abject horror – observing our government institutions and leaders failing our children at every turn, again. Your renewed calls for lockdowns, enforced mask mandates, and masking in schools is not rooted in science and is objectively cruel to the most vulnerable
in our society, our children. We believe that you are in fact aware of this and continue to play political games with our children, despite our efforts to work with you over the last twelve months.

We are here to inform you that this ends today.

Effective immediately we will not:

1. Mask our children in schools

2. Allow you to use your private sector counterparts to enforce invasive mask mandates on our children in various stores or at community activities

3. Subject our children to any further local, regional, or national lockdowns or movement restriction

Simply put, these are not your children. They are ours and they too, are Americans with rights. They are
our responsibility and our most beloved. They are not yours.

Given the miniscule chance that children will be significantly harmed by COVID and the proven detrimental effects that masks and lockdowns cause on their mental health and education, it is bordering on child abuse to impose those things on kids.


0809, 02 August 2021


  1. dad29

    There is NO chance that a mask will prevent the spread, either.

  2. dad29

    And, by and large, public schools abuse children by nature.

  3. Mar

    You are completely right, Dad. Kids these days face teacher/staff predators, indoctrination, incompetent teachers, incompetent school boards and administrators, bullies, gangs, a curriculum that teaches very little and teachers teaching to the competency test.

  4. Mar

    Oh, looked here. Another fake doctor is trying to out do the fake doctor Fauci:
    “The head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggested Tuesday that parents wear masks at home to protect unvaccinated children. Dr. Francis Collins said “it’s clear” that the delta variant is capable of causing serious illness in kids while addressing whether young children should avoid indoor situations.”
    I guess if you cannot get a real job in the private sector, the dumbasses of the world get government jobs.
    And yes, I was a public teacher and now am ashamed of it.

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