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1613, 27 Jun 21

Churches Being Burned to the Ground in Canada

Religious persecution in Canada.

Two more Catholic churches burned down in indigenous communities in western Canada early on Saturday.

The fires at St Ann’s Church and the Chopaka Church began within an hour of each other in British Columbia.


Officers said both buildings were completely destroyed, and they were treating the fires as “suspicious”.


Last Monday¬†two other Catholic churches in the province were destroyed in fires, as Canada marked National Indigenous People’s Day.

“The investigations into the previous fires and these two new fires are ongoing with no arrests or charges,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt Jason Bayda said.


1613, 27 June 2021


  1. dad29

    Coincidence? Several hundred children’s graves were discovered near Catholic-run orphanages in a couple of Canadian provinces during the last few weeks.

    So far, there is no evidence of wrong-doing; in fact, a very large outbreak of TB during the same time-period may well have been the cause of death for these children.

    Regardless of facts, the Canadian and provincial Governments have demanded groveling apologies from the Catholic church.

    Perhaps some folks decided to punish the Church in their own way.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful, awful secular liberal hate going on in Canada.

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