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0733, 29 May 21

“NO credible natural ancestor”

While these revelations are important in terms of getting to the actual truth of the origin of COVID-19, it is equally important that we reflect on how Big Tech and Big Media completely censored this information for months during a national election. While I don’t think this information would have changed the election results, the people who chose to hide this information from the American people – and the denigrate and shame people who tried to share it – sure seemed to think it would. Our national media does not have any credibility left. They had very little and they squandered the rest in 2020.

While analyzing COVID-19 samples last year in an attempt to create a vaccine, Dalgleish and Sørensen discovered ‘unique fingerprints’ in the virus that they say could only have arisen from manipulation in a laboratory.


They said they tried to publish their findings but were rejected by major scientific journals which were at the time resolute that the virus jumped naturally from bats or other animals to humans.


Even when former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove spoke out publicly saying the scientists’ theory should be investigated, the idea was dismissed as ‘fake news.’


Over a year later, leading academics, politicians and the media finally flipped, and have begun to contemplate the possibility that COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China – a lab where experiments included manipulating viruses to increase their infectiousness in order to study their potential effects on humans.


This week, President Joe Biden ordered the intelligence community to re-examine how the virus originated, including the lab accident theory.


0733, 29 May 2021


  1. MjM

    I disagree, Owen.

    From Biden himself calling Trump xenophobic for shutting down travel from China to the false claims of rising anti-Asian hate due to naming it “China Virus” to the entire g’vment run pack of so-called “scientists” lying that it could only come from natural mutation and zoonotic transmission, had the real information been disseminated fully and truthfully it would have shut down the entire leftist conspiracy to blame Trump for _everything_ CCPVIrus. That certainly would have changed to election outcome. Biden based his campaign on it, because that is all he the Democrats had.

    And note, even in the story you cite (which – ahem – I cited prior under your “Fauci Defends Funding of Wuhan Lab” post) the media is still trying to hide an import fact: Biden shut down Trump’s Wuhan labs investigation started last year. Only _after_ the real story began gaining traction did Brave Sir Biden “order the intelligence community to re-examine” the source.

    And if anyone thinks this new “re-examination” is seriously going anywhere, I have a bridge in Wuhan to sell you.

  2. Mar

    When history is written, and if done honestly, it will show that liberals and government agencieswere almost completely wrong on everything.
    From lockdowns, mask mandates, to the cause of the pandemic, putting positive nursing home patients back in the nursing home, the coverage, blaming President Trump for everything and not giving him any credit and list goes on and on.
    And it really was sinister how liberals and the media and Big Tech treated the citizens of the US.

  3. dad29

    While I don’t think this information would have changed the election results…

    They wouldn’t have because Trump actually won.

  4. Tuerqas

    “And if anyone thinks this new “re-examination” is seriously going anywhere, I have a bridge in Wuhan to sell you.”

    Didja catch the last Biden quote? Let’s re-examine, including the ‘accident theory’. He spoiled the ending! He basically said to call it a lab accident, and they will.

    “When history is written, and if done honestly, it will show that liberals and government agencies were almost completely wrong on everything…”

    Did you forget who writes the histories today? None of that will ever be written save on isolated conservative blogs and magazines considered to be more conspiracy theorists than news outlets. The left run education machine will write how Trump bungled the whole thing concerning Covid, and we might have collapsed as a country if Biden hadn’t saved the day. It’s easy too. (I have actually heard this method of proof has been used in schools.) Enter it into Google with Trump as the villain and again with Trump as the hero concerning COVID 19. With over 37,000,000 million entries as the villain and only 1.6 million as the hero, clearly you can trust the snap judgement of Trump as the villain. Repeat, repeat, repeat…true! And what do students use as a study too today?

    Hey liberals, think the Google thing was weighted because the hero word was too strong? Let’s try it with Fauci’s name. Hero: 5.6 million Villain: 680k. Not quite as dramatic, I guess. Only 8 to1 rather than 23 to 1. But then again, Trump is hated a lot harder than Fauci.

  5. MjM

    Yeah, Tuerq. It was a lab leak. The pandemic most likely started with the three Wuhan labcoats that ended up hospitalized in Sept 2020.

    “Accidents” happen more that folks know.

    The 2009 H1N1 outbreak was tied to the same strain of H1N1 that walked out of a lab in 1977, itself the strain first found in 1950.

    But “accidents” are not the issue. I mentioned the Bird Flu in the other “Fauci Lied” post. Had that man-made mutation leaked it would have made CCPVirus look like a sneeze.

    The main issue is purposely building bugs for easy transmission between and high infection of humans. Funded by your g’vment. Which is reason the massive effort to hide it by those responsible for it.

    BJB can holler “accident” all he wants. And no doubt the leftist media rags will regurgitate right along. But I have faith that everyone who lost someone or got screwed by this two-year-long BS are not going to buy it.

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