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2106, 29 May 21

Fired Principal Escorted From Campus After Graduation Speech

First, why would they let him give a speech if they already fired him? Second, at least the kids will remember it :)

“I was kicked out for one reason that I truly love you and this community,” Nakamura said. “I came here to serve you, to love you, to be in the mix and the grind with you.”


He also encouraged students to study and do their best. He shared experiences from his personal upbringing, including his mother’s death to a heroin overdose, and mentioned how much he loved his job at Stagg.


He touched on race, violence in neighborhoods, fighting for higher education, and working to set the bar for future graduating classes.


Brian Biedermann, director of educational services, confirmed Nakamura’s keys were confiscated and he was not allowed back at graduation ceremonies.


2106, 29 May 2021


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