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2037, 05 May 21

Biden Supports Violating Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

I guess the pharmaceutical companies will have less motivation to develop vaccines and treatments for the next pandemic.

President Biden’s trade representative released a statement saying the White House would support a waiver on the intellectual property rights owned by the makers of Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic.


The campaign for this has been going on amongst NGOs, some US Congressional Democrats and some developing countries such as India and South Africa. And as recently as March the US, the UK and the EU were resisting the moves in negotiations at the WTO in Geneva.


2037, 05 May 2021

1 Comment

  1. Mar

    More evidence that liberals do not understand R&D.
    No wonder the liberals have abandoned this site. There is no way, the smart liberals here, Le Roi being left out, cannot defend what is going on.
    The difference between liberals and conservatives here: conservatives here will try and defend what conservatives do.
    Liberals run away like cowards.

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