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0624, 23 Apr 21

Cedarburg Cancels Festival

This is insane.

CEDARBURG — The 2021 Strawberry Festival has been canceled. The Festivals of Cedarburg Board made its decision Wednesday night based on current CDC guidelines and COVID-19 trends. The festival was scheduled for June 26-27.


“It wasn’t an easy decision to make,” said President Jim Pape in a press release. “We’re all looking forward to a sense of normalcy, to summer days when we can get out of our homes and gather together again. With vaccines becoming more and more prevalent, Strawberry Festival seemed like it might be the perfect opportunity for that — a smalltown early summer outdoor festival. But we need to make sure we’re doing it safely, and current statistics and restrictions just make it too difficult to predict what conditions will be like in June.”


Strawberry Festival was also canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Festivals of Cedarburg decided to turn it into a mini virtual festival. Almost 1,000 people logged into the Virtual Strawberry Festival.

There are large gatherings going on all over the country and there is no evidence that COVID has an easy time spreading through them. Baseball games? Fine. Riots? No COVID there. Tourist attractions? Open and doing just fine. Elections? Good.

Furthermore, everybody over 16 in Wisconsin is eligible for a vaccine and they are readily available. In fact, there are areas where they have vaccines sitting around waiting for people. By the time June comes, there will be absolutely no reason that anyone who wants a vaccine shouldn’t have one.

Finally, if you don’t want to attend a festival or keep you shop open during it – don’t. Don’t go! The fact that you are worried about an event doesn’t mean that you get to cancel it for everyone else. If there’s anything we have seen, it’s that there is an enormous demand for anything that is open. Every time something opens, it’s mobbed. Restaurants that have opened to capacity are filling it. And the people who want to stay home for good or bad reasons are perfectly able to do so. Our society shouldn’t cater to their FOMO.

These board members aren’t following any science or common sense. They are just lazy, fearful hacks who don’t want to get off their butts and continue Cedarburg’s marvelous traditions. Shame on them.

Who is on the board? I have no idea. They don’t put their board members on their website. But you can find their generic contact information here if you are in the mood to be ignored.


0624, 23 April 2021


  1. Mar

    Just plain stupidity. And all because you have a couple of TV hungry CDC thugs don’t want to lose all the attention put upon them by the media.
    Meanwhile, I went to the circus last weekend, and there was more people in the Big top than at the Buck’s game last night and this weekend, county fair.
    And masks are optional.

  2. Mar

    “Who is on the board?”
    Probably the one’s who support Senile Joe wearing a mask or 2 on a zoom call with other leaders of the world.
    And the fool was the only one.
    And he has been vaccinated.
    Senile Joe is such an embarrassment.

  3. Mar

    However, I might be wrong. The committee might be the ones who cheered when a staffer disinfected the podium after Whore Harris spoke, just before before Senile Joe spoke.
    I knew Whore Harris had many germs from her previous escapades, but damn, still?

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