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2109, 23 Apr 21

Pro-Choice About Vaccines

Here, here.


Johnson said it was legitimate to question whether people with a low risk of suffering a serious illness from COVID-19 should get vaccinated. He promised to “vigorously oppose” vaccine passports.

Whether or not you get a vaccine is a private medical decision that’s between you and your healthcare provider. It’s none of my business.


2109, 23 April 2021


  1. Mar

    I bet if I posted this on Facebook, I would banned for life.

  2. Mar

    Perfect definition of the fake and fraud doctor, Fauci:
    Cockwomble: A person, usually male, prone to making outrageously stupid statements and/or inappropriate behavior while generally having a very high opinion of his own wisdom and importance.

  3. Jason

    And our idiot governor has vetoed a related bill. What happened to his bullshit about working with the legislature to get done what the people want? The moron has less brain activity than Leroy does!

  4. Mike

    This governor has not worked with the legislature once since being elected.

    One of the constitutional duties of the legislature is fiscal oversight so Evers should be barred from spending any money unless the expenditure is approved by the legislature.

  5. MjM

    I haven’t gotten the ‘zeen b/c I’ve be too damn busy to find a place and spend the time. Twice. That, and I’ve just never been scared of the CCPVirus. Probably will never get it unless forced to for some reason (work, open mic). Never had a flu shot either.

    But I can’t wait to burn these G-D masks.

  6. dad29

    Yah…..but according to today’s Pravda people who don’t get the vax are either Trump voters or just plain stupid.

    Or maybe they don’t take medical advice from newspapers, or from back-and-forthright old farts who play doctor on TV?


  7. Mar

    I guess the minorities, especially Blacks, don’t count.
    Typical liberal racism.

  8. Tuerqas

    What? Talking basic sense from a conservative? He should be strung up! Where is the (mob) justice?
    See, libs have controverted ‘basic sense’ and programmed their lib-bots with new basic sense programming. It is now basic sense that we will wear masks for the rest of our lives. Vaccine is necessary and perfect, but it won’t stop you from having to wear masks because apparently it is not necessary and far from perfect. 2+2 no longer needs to equal the normal four, it can now equal liberal 4. 2 are your freedoms and 2 are your basic rights. Add them together and libs now believe it equals Government control for our own good. Or at least that any interaction between two or more people could possibly hurt one or the other and therefore could/should be illegal.
    Wanna de-humanize and encourage hostility and anger?
    1) Offer anonymous commentary platforms so you have zero accountability.
    2) Take away the ability to smile at people.
    3) Order all of your necessaries from home and have it delivered to your door with no noise, no knock, no personal interaction at all.
    Bezos won’t be our future President, he will be our future owner.

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