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2146, 10 Mar 21

More Progress in Fight Against COVID


Eli Lilly & Co says its combination antibody therapy is effective at treating mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.


The treatment, a mixture of drugs bamlanivimab and etesevimab, was developed by Indianapolis-based Lilly and the Canadian company AbCellera.


It recognizes the virus once a person is infected and attaches to it, preventing the pathogen from entering human cells, and therefore neutralizing it.


In trial data released on Wednesday, Eli Lilly said the combination reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 87 percent compared to a placebo.


The results are an improvement of an earlier study of the combination, which reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 70 percent.


2146, 10 March 2021


  1. jsr

    So now we have both good vaccines and a good treatment. Anyone think the CDC will let us go back to near-normal soon?

  2. Mar

    “Anyone think the CDC will let us go back to near-normal soon?”
    And deny the fraud, Fauci the opportunity to go on TV?
    Oh, hell no.

  3. Mar

    So, Senile Joe will be giving a speech in an hour and inquiring minds wants to know:
    Will the speech be raped or live?
    How many times will Senile Joe will give props to President Trump and his administration credit for Warp Speed?
    If the speech is live, will anyone join him for moral support?
    If the speech is live and not taped, how many mistakes will he make? How many times will he stumble?
    Will he have a blank look on his face?
    How many times will he say “follow the science”
    Will he demand schools be opened full time?
    Will he mention bipartisanship?
    How many times will he mention to wear a mask and social distance?
    How long will he talk?
    For good of the country, I hope he gives a good speech but if the speech is live, I have my concerns.

  4. Mar

    Ok,that was an embarrassment.

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