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0920, 10 Mar 21

Democratic Operatives Handed Keys to Election in Green Bay

Wow… go read the actual emails. The characterization below is accurate. The Green Bay Mayor literally handed the keys to the election over to liberal activists.

Here’s what the emails and Wisconsin Spotlight’s investigation found:

  • A former Democratic operative, Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, served as a de facto elections administrator and had access to Green Bay’s absentee ballots days before the election

  • Spitzer-Rubenstein asked Green Bay’s clerk if he and his team members could help correct or “cure” absentee ballots like they did in Milwaukee.

  • Green Bay’s clerk grew increasingly frustrated with the takeover of her department by the Democrat Mayor’s staff and outside groups.

  • Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno said the contract stipulated that Spitzer-Rubenstein would have four of the five keys to the KI Center ballroom where ballots were stored and counted.

  • Brown County’s clerk said the city of Green Bay “went rogue.”

  • Election law experts said the city illegally gave left-leaning groups authority over the election.


0920, 10 March 2021


  1. Jason

    If this pans out as truth and shows what we think it shows… the events on Jan 6th might well look like a Sunday stroll on the boardwalk. I expect every liberal here and in the country to stand up and demand this be investigated and if applicable prosecuted to the last minute detail. If laws and statutes were violated, jail time is needed… up to and including the guy handing out the money and also suppressing free speech… The Big Sleazy Z himself.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m all for prosecuting any and all lawbreakers, be it in regard to this issue, or the insurrection on January 6th. But so far no fatalities have been attributed to voting in Brown county.

  3. Mar

    “But so far no fatalities have been attributed to voting in Brown county.”
    These revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. As more people investigate, FOIA requests are answered and depositions taken, we’re going to find out more stories like this throughout the country.

  4. Jason

    >But so far no fatalities have been attributed to voting in Brown county.

    If this is just the first layer of a big operation by Sleazy Z… there well might be some fatalities to attribute. If anyone thinks rioting was bad for a person who died while being arrested… just wait.

    Oh and for someone who always advocated to ensure there is no disenfranchisement of any voter – or any narratives spread to cause distrust in our election processes – I find your joking about it to be a true display of your disgusting character. Why don’t you take a minute to address any one of the bullet points that Owen highlighted. Or read some of the emails, including the one where the Director of the KI Convention Center sent the SSID’s and Passwords to some private citizen – I’ll understand if you want to ask your grandchild what an SSID is. WHAT THE FUCK.

  5. Mar

    Oh, thanks Jason. I guess LeRoi meant the young lady who was unarmed, did not strike anyone, was not a physical threat at the time she was shot, and was murdered by the Capitol police officer.
    I guess that case.

  6. Jason

    Unfortunately the only time Leroy Cuomo turns over a new leaf is when he’s digging with his nose for truffles at the dog park.

  7. dad29

    The same criminal operation was running in Milwaukee, Madison, and Kenosha. It will not be fun to get the FOIA docs from those places because they’ll show that Biden lost this State.

    And there will never be a prosecution in any of those Counties, but Brown is a possibility as the DA there is a Lassee.

  8. dad29

    You’ll also note that when LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy is confronted with facts, he runs away and hides, just like he did when he was (supposedly) growing up.

  9. Tuerqas

    You know no liberal will believe it, right? Some official will call it a hoax and Facebook will make it true. And then you have the problem that HR1 will make it all de facto legal before anything is prosecuted.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    You guessed wrong, mar.

  11. Merlin

    What will we call the Zuckerberg version of Arkancide?

  12. MjM

    Nazi Nort chastises: “You guessed wrong, mar.”

    So, who was it that was murdered, numbnutz? C’mon. Tell us.

  13. Mar

    So, what were you talking about then, Le Roi?

  14. dad29

    1 crushed by the crowd, 2 by stroke, 1 still a secret but NOT bludgeoned by an Antifa provacateur, and one murdered by a Lieutenant of the CapCops.

    Five dead.

  15. Jason

    >You know no liberal will believe it, right? Some official will call it a hoax and Facebook will make it true.

    Already done, the mayor has posted to Facebook…

    >The City of Green Bay issued a response refuting their claims saying, “The election was administered exclusively by city staff. As part of the $1.6m election grant award, the city received technical assistance from experts in elections, security, public relations and analysis. They provided additional input and insight, but never had access to ballots, computers, storage, equipment or the like.

    Except for the FOI’d emails, in which the directory for the convention center emailed the nitty gritty details of the wireless networks, including passwords, directly to Michael Spitzing-Rubberstain who then forwarded them into the city’s email system. I want someone to call out Liberal Mayor and ask him to prove that statement I bolded. And when he can’t, clap him in irons and let him rot in jail.

  16. Tuerqas

    Then you know it is over, Jason. Liberals will point to the Facebook entry and say, ‘debunked’. Case closed.

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


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