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1144, 04 Mar 21

Local Sales Tax Proposal DOA


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) — The push to allow communities to boost their sales tax is unlikely to go anywhere after GOP leaders said they widely opposed the tax increases.


“Zero, there is no chance this is going to happen, dead on arrival,” Vos said during a Wisconsin Counties Association panel.


Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu also echoed the same messaging, saying it doesn’t think there’s a need for one.


Gov. Tony Evers proposed to allow counties and cities the ability to raise their local sales tax by half a cent if voters approve through a referendum. Wisconsin currently has the lowest sales tax in the Midwest at 5%.


Cavalier Johnson, Milwaukee Common Council President, asked GOP leaders to reconsider as he said the city is in “jeopardy” without the ability to raise their sales tax.

Ask yourself… is the root of the problems in Milwaukee because we don’t give them enough money?


1144, 04 March 2021


  1. Merlin

    You don’t need to look any further than the Tommy Trolly for a reason why Milwaukee should be denied further tax revenue.

  2. Mar

    This probably one of the very few liberal ideas I agree with.
    It’s a form of democracy, whether the citizens decide to raise taxes or not.
    For instance, the sales tax is basically optional tax. You can raise or lower your taxes by the amount of money you spend. You don’t need anybody from Madison dictating what a county sales tax rate is.
    Besides raising the sales tax, you can also lower it as well. And if 1 county raises the tax, most people could go to another county to shop.
    You can also raise the sales tax and lower another tax.
    But if a county wants to raise and the citizens vote to agree with it, I have no problems with it.

  3. dad29

    You can raise or lower your taxes by the amount of money you spend.

    Not entirely true. For big-ticket items such as cars, you are taxed at the rate of your home city no matter where you purchased it.

    Only ‘savings’ on sales tax would be on day-to-day stuff, but to run from 76th St. to 144th St to buy ‘stuff’ doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Mar

    Not exactly my point, but I see yours Dad.
    What I meant is that you cantrol your spending and paying taxes. Buying generic rather than national brand, where you shop- high price and good customer service vs low price worse customer service vs buying online.
    It’s the one tax where you have a say in how much you pay.

  5. 9606

    …you don’t need madison…

    Does this hold true for items like school curriculum, bar hours, etc.

  6. Mar

    9606, as far as bar hours, I have no problem if a community wants to set their own hours, even if the bars are open 24 hours a day.
    As far as schools, I think the State has a role of setting standards as far as graduation and ensure rights of students and parents are not being violated. But I don’t think the state should play a big part in text books, how to teach a class or things like that. I’m not even sure the state should play a role in how long a school year will be or how when then school year should start or end.

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