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2140, 04 Mar 21

Senator Johnson To Ensure that Someone Reads Spending Bill


U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is pledging to slow down the next coronavirus stimulus package — and its $1,400 checks for Americans.


The Oshkosh Republican on Wednesday afternoon promised to force a full reading of the bill while speaking on The Vicki McKenna Show. He said that reading the entirety of the document would likely take up to 10 hours.


“I will make them read their 600- to 700-page bill,” he said on the radio program. “So that every member of the Senate would have time to read it … before we start the debate on it.”


After the reading, Johnson said he is prepared to continue to use parliamentary procedure to slow down a full vote by introducing as many amendments as he can. He hopes the price tag of the bill will go down substantially by the end of the debate by eliminating portions of the bill he sees as unfit.


“This isn’t a COVID relief really, this is a Democrat wish list, setting things up for a more socialist society,” he said. “And it needs to be resisted. And I’m going to lead the effort to resistance, starting today.”


2140, 04 March 2021

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  1. wisbadgerjim

    This should become mandatory. 9am – 6pm Eastern time, Mon-Fri. 2, 15 minute breaks at 12 & 3. Stored video for anyone who wants to watch later. Transparency. Too bad if it slows the process down. We the people are paying the bills. We deserve to know what we are buying.

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