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0923, 26 Jan 21

California Transplants Infect Red States

This is a rather amusing story about an entitled jerk who moved to Austin and discovered that it wasn’t San Diego, but this stat stood out:

For every one person that moved out of the Texas state capital, 1.53 people moved in, according to the data.


Even before the pandemic, 687,000 Californians have relocated to Texas in the last ten years.


US Census Bureau data from 2010 to 2019 showed Californian transplants made up about 13 per cent of the entire population that has moved to the state since the beginning of the decade.

That’s like the entire populations of Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis moving to Texas in a single decade – with most of them being liberals. No wonder some of these conservative states are tinging purple lately. Lefties are fleeing the states they destroyed (California, Illinois, etc.) and spreading like locusts across the nation.


0923, 26 January 2021


  1. Mar

    I can say this is very true and 1 reason why Arizona is now a purple state.
    Of course, one reason why President Trump lost is because of the McCain effect. About 30,000+ voted for all offices except president.
    But we have a bunch of liberal Californians fleeing California and moving here.
    The most irritating thing Californians do is say “We don’t do that in California”.
    Well, no crap, dude, if you want to do it the Californian way, move back there.

  2. Tuerqas

    “Lefties are fleeing the states they destroyed (California, Illinois, etc.) and spreading like locusts across the nation.”

    Isn’t that the sad truth. The most common reason I have heard former Californians moving was to save money. So in their new place they start pushing for Californian values and perks while not paying for them (yet). If you like California style stay in California!

  3. MjM

    Texans take no shee-it, but Austin is and always has been one of the Lone Star State’s leftiest cities. Certainly not CA leftist, but that this dweeb just up and hauled himself there without any reconnoitering is rather humorous.

    Cedar allergies!

    “Well, I wished I was in Austin,
    Hmm Hmmm
    At the Chili Parlor Bar,
    Drinkin’ Mad Dog Margaritas
    And not carin’ where you are.”
    – Guy Clark, Dublin Blues, 1995

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    More like an infection that needs to be locked down.

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