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1825, 16 Jan 21

Asking for Consistency. Finding None.


So answer me this, all you lofty liberals. I have always despised Donald Trump and the empty-headed movement he created, and I am here quite happy to say that the invasion of the halls of the US Congress by Trump supporters was a grotesque, evil and criminal enterprise, which I utterly condemn without the tiniest reservation.


But will you, even now, say that the violent putsch in Kiev, six years ago, was just as wrong?


No, you won’t. Because – as your failure to defend liberty shows – you have no real principles. You put them on as fancy dress when you need to pose. But in reality you will do what you have to, to get the power you want. Your outrage is phoney and selective, and I do not trust it.


1825, 16 January 2021


  1. dad29

    “Principles” and “liberals” are not within miles of each other, other than the principle of ‘utility,’ as the author mentions.

    Unfortunately, utility requires force. At some point, not long distant, half this country will ‘force’ back.

  2. MHMaley

    And the drones from 30,000 feet and 5 miles up in the air will take care of the anarchists
    in their pickup trunks and holding their AK’s and molotov cocktails .

    My monies on the government and I’ll take the over .

  3. Mar

    Good, MHM, I hope those drones take care of Antifa and BLM.
    But I’ll take the under.

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