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2025, 08 Dec 20

Director Whines About Public Seeing Movies


Tenet director Christopher Nolan is leading a chorus of furious protest from the film industry over Warner Bros’ decision to release its entire 2021 slate in the US simultaneously in cinemas and on its streaming service HBO Max.

In an interview with E!, Nolan said his response was one of “disbelief” and that “there’s such controversy around it, because they didn’t tell anyone … They’ve got some of the top film-makers in the world, they’ve got some of the biggest stars in the world who worked for years in some cases on these projects very close to their hearts that are meant to be big-screen experiences … And now they’re being used as a loss-leader for the streaming service … without any consultation.”

He added: “It’s very, very, very, very messy … [It’s] not how you treat film-makers and stars and people who … have given a lot for these projects.”


John Stankey, the chief executive of AT&T, which owns both Warner Bros and HBO Max, defended the move on Tuesday, calling it a “win-win-win”. He said: “I know there’s a lot of noise out in the market, people with different viewpoints. Anytime you’re going to change a model, it’s going to create a degree of noise.” Stankey said the move would give customers a “choice”, and the longer-term would be “dictated by what consumers wish to do”.

Remember that this is all about the money. All of the directors, producers, etc. have been paid – except for those who have compensation tied to box office receipts. They are perfectly happy to sit and wait for the theaters to reopen. Warner Brothers, meanwhile, shelled about a lot of money to make these movies and hasn’t been able to reap any return on that investment. They are trying to salvage some revenue for the year and generate funds to reinvest to make more product. Nobody makes money on movies that nobody is paying to see – except the people who were already paid to make them.


2025, 08 December 2020


  1. Merlin

    Film-makers and actors are butt hurt to realize they’re just labor? Management doesn’t care what they think? Someone get me a tissue.

  2. steveegg

    Let me guess – Nolan is one of those whose compensation is tied to box office receipts.

  3. Tuerqas

    When the filmmakers and actors refuse payment to ‘make art’ with their movies, they then have a beef on how and when movies are released.  What was closer to their hearts, the movie theme or their wallets?

  4. jonnyv

    I can understand WHY they are upset, and of course it has to do with money. Rumors are that the entire cast of Dune took lower than normal wages with money on the back end to create the film (which I am excited about). And then WB goes and sells it to HBO (which they own) at a rate that is probably less than if they were to try and sell it to another streaming service on the open market. All in an attempt to prop up HBO Max subs.

    How about you make something for me at below cost because I promise future money, and then I just give away your product and say… Oh well, maybe I will try and make it right with you.

    And it isn’t just the actors/directors who are pissed. The funding companies like Legendary are upset as well. They own the rights to some of these movies and have a financial interest in box office performance.

    And Nolan makes great movies, but always comes off as a pretentious prick. I don’t think it would matter if his earnings are tied to box office or not, he is a firm believer in the cinema experience.

  5. Tuerqas

    If funding companies own the rights, can’t they block these dealings?

  6. jonnyv

    Clearly we don’t know all the dealings and behind the scenes contracts. Hollywood is known for their shady accounting techniques. The funding companies sell to the studios based on certain things. And I don’t blame WB for what they are doing, but it does sound like they didn’t exactly take all parties into account. And that could hurt them in the future with some big named directors. Ultimately they will have to deal with that and whatever lawsuits come of this (cause there will be some).

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    Godless Hollywood liberals being defunded?

    I call that a good thing

  8. jonnyv

    Kevin, unless you have something useful to say, shut up.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh jonnyv…

    The irony of your statement is off the charts.

  10. jonnyv

    Kev, we may not agree on most things, but a majority of what you post is… “xxx Godless Liberals xxx xxx”. And that is IT. It lacks ANY substance. It doesn’t add to any conversation. It doesn’t inject an ounce of useful facts or opinion. It is just garbage to see your words on a screen.

    How about before you hit “Post Comment” you stop and think. “Does this advance the direction of the conversation in any way? Have I posted a fact or thoughtful opinion of some sort in this comment?” Granted, that will cut your posts down by 90%… but maybe that is good.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    So you are upset I like Hollywood being defunded then?

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