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0636, 08 Dec 20

Shawano to Return to In-Person Classes


Multiple parents told Local Five they pulled their children from the Shawano schools so they can attend in person school elsewhere.

Ginger Huntington, another concerned parent and member of Shawano S.O.S. said, “I transferred my daughter to a parochial school. As a ten-year-old, a fifth grader, she was in tears that she could not attend class.”

During the meeting another parent said, “This is not fair to any of these students. You go into this profession to make differences in these children and you are failing them. You are failing them.”

After the community feed back the board discussed the gating criteria used to shut down schools and the board voted on a reopening plan.

Bruce Milavitz a Shawano School Board Member made the motion that said, “All buildings, except the high school, on the 4th [of January], would be five days a week and then on the 19th [of January], when it’s able to start a fresh semester for the high school, we would go in person learning five days a week at the high school”

The school board passed the motion to open the schools in January tonight with plans to revisit the topic during the January 4th school board meeting should things need to change.


0636, 08 December 2020


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