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1011, 12 Nov 20

Americans Plan to Resist Lockdowns

Lockdowns are not an effective means of controlling the pandemic, but they are very effective at controlling people, destroying small businesses, increasing poverty, increasing food insecurity, increasing mental health issues, neglecting our elderly, and harming our kids’ educations. Yeah, not thanks. I will not comply. And I suspect that a sizable chunk of the 49% who SAY they will comply, won’t.

Americans are less likely to comply with another coronavirus lockdown than they were in the spring, with fewer than half saying in a new poll that they’re very likely to stay home this time around, according to a new Gallup Poll released as record numbers of cases skyrocket nationwide.

In the poll, taken between Oct. 19 and Nov. 1, 49% of respondents said they’ll be very likely to stay home for a month if it’s recommended after an outbreak in their communities, reports CNN. This is down from 67% in the spring.

Another 18% said they are somewhat likely to comply, but a third said they are not likely to obey lockdown orders.


1011, 12 November 2020


  1. Mar

    I wonder what percentage of the 49% who said they would comply voted for Senile Joe? 90? 95%
    Birds of a feather.

  2. Pat

    And people were assuring us that it all would go away on November 4th.

  3. Mar

    No, Pat, President Trump is still President and has not conceded yet.
    If he loses, then it well die down.

  4. Pat

    He already lost.

  5. Mar

    No hasn’t, read your Constitution.

  6. Pat

    You are the queen of denial.

  7. dad29

    As of today, Biden has 232 EV’s for certain.

    Doesn’t look like he won s^^t.

  8. Pat

    Keep repeating that if it makes you feel less butt hurt.

  9. Mar

    Again, Pat, read the Constitution. It might help you understand a few things, especially the election process.

  10. Pat


    I read the Constitution. I guess you’re saying in the last election Trump wasn’t the President-elect when Obama invited him to the Whitehouse and was allowing for the transition?

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Just curious, what do all the coronavirus skeptics suggest we do as a nation/state/county/city to address the surge in cases and deaths?  Certainly the plans proposed by the current federal administration, and by the WI legislature aren’t working, ….oh, wait, those folks didn’t have any plans.

    So what do you all propose: let folks keep getting sick and dying at increasing rates?  Demand the election last week be negated and declared invalid?  Shove yours heads even deeper in the sand?

    I’m anxious to here what you all have to say.  Thanks.

  12. Mar

    Well, Pat, Hillary conceded and President Sparklefart was spying on Trump, so, that’s why it happened.

  13. Mar

    No surges deaths, sociopath and cases mean absolutely nothing.

  14. Pat


    I understand. It’s Trump being Trump. A gigantic baby throwing a tantrum because he can’t stand being a loser.

  15. Pat


    Looks like Trump lost Arizona.

    So historic for Biden. Most popular votes ever, and as many electoral as what Trump win with in 2016. Looks like a landslide!

  16. Mar

    You mean the dumbbasses who get everything wrong, like you sociopath?

  17. Mar

    Pat, he might lost Arizona because 37,000 people didn’t vote for president on their ballot.
    It is what it is.
    Still not a landslide, but I didn’t think Trump’s win in 2016 was a landslide either.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    And of course we all remember this prediction:

    “Arizona, yes, I am sure of that. Trump will win there.”

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    What did I get wrong, mar?  Hydroxychloroquine still doesn’t work, we didn’t turn the corner, warm weather didn’t make it go away, vaccine is still months/years away, yada, yada, yada.  Looks like it wasn’t me that got it wrong.  What is your solution?  Just let ’em all die?

  20. dad29

    Lemmeeseeeee heah, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy………

    ‘Zackly what’s YOUR plan to eradicate the ChiCom Lung-Rot?  Keep everyone indoors for 2 weeks?  6 weeks?  Or even better, what–specifically–is Sundown Joe’s plan?

    Keep up with the news, by the way; the vaccine is here and will be distributed in the next few months.



  21. dad29

    Today’s presser:

    The vaccine will be distributed to front line workers, the elderly, and high risk Americans immediately. It will be…in a matter of weeks.

    You might even get a vax, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy.

    Sundown Joe’s plan?  To distribute it everywhere BUT the United States.

  22. Mar

    “Hydroxychloroquine still doesn’t work”
    Only ignorant and/or hateful idiots still believe that.
    Show 1 legitimate study that shows hydroxychloroquine does not work at all.
    “we didn’t turn the corner” Another stupid and hateful statement. We have better treatment. Better testing. Lower death rate. And a vaccine. Such stupidity.
    “What is your solution?  Just let ’em all die?” Only a true sociopath, hating, uneducated Liar and coward would utter such stupidity.
    Really, you need to save those 2 remaining brain cells.

  23. Mar

    Sociopath, why are you such a hateful person?
    Abused as a kid?
    Bad marriage?
    Dog hates you?
    You say you don’t hate people but you call President Trump names.
    You lie to me and other people who post here.
    You support hate groups.
    Seriously, what made you so hateful?
    What made you to be such a horrible angry person?

  24. Kevin Scheunemann


    What country has handled virus well in your opinion?

    ….and please name one of your leftist, Marxist darling countries.

  25. Pat

    Guess who lost the election to Sundowner Joe?

  26. dad29

    warm weather didn’t make it go away

    For some reason you don’t mention that COLD weather accompanies the far-less-lethal “surge”.  You can look it up; try Daily Mail to see the graphic.

    Sundown Joe–who has not won the election–has a plan:  shut down the entire USA, borrow a metric crap-ton of money, and pay State governments, counties, cities, and small biz to stay closed.

    Of course, states, counties, and cities already have plenty of money from tax (read:  point-of-gun) take.

    But hey!  Giving Chicago  and NYC money will cure Covid!!  That’s Teh Science according to Potato-Head Joe.

  27. Jason

    >shut down the entire USA, borrow a metric crap-ton of money, and pay State governments, counties, cities, and small biz to stay close

    Don’t forget, he’s going to double testing sites… DAY ONE.  That will solve it.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    As expected, no one could/would answer the question. But they did provide lots of routine, juvenile, and unimaginative attempts at insults. Bravo to all the small thinkers out there.


    HCQ still doesn’t work as a prophylaxis or cure for coronavirus.

  29. Mar

    You got nothing you hateful sociopath and we answered your hateful questions.
    What a moron.

  30. Mar

    And you, sociopath, refused to provide a legitimate study showing hydroxychloroquine never works.
    And you complain about others?
    Hateful, hateful, hateful.

  31. dad29

    Speaking of never-answered questions, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy:

    Zackly what’s YOUR plan to eradicate the ChiCom Lung-Rot?

    Potato-Head Joe will shut down America and increase test-stations.  Will that slow the spread?  Stop the deaths?  Kill the ChiCom Sinus-Slobber?

    We have your asinine repetition of your largely-irrelevant claim about HCQ.  We’ve read it several dozen times because–frankly–you have nothing else to say.

    So answer the question.

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    Hey mar, trump contracted coronavirus in spite of the miracle drug, and wasn’t treated with HCQ after he caught it. A great and timely example of how it has no value in treating the virus.

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    You first. But you won’t cuz you can’t do anything other than act like a 3rd grader having a hissy fit.

  34. Mar

    So, you cannot provide a study, sociopath
    You got nothing but hate and lies.

  35. Jason

    >I know you won’t (or can’t) read them,

    And here I thought you were honestly concerned about the routine, juvenile, and unimaginative attempts at insults. Bravo to being a small thinker.

  36. Mar

    So, my first comment is being moderated.
    Look at the Henry Ford study.
    There is also an article in Science Direct.
    Both say hydroxychloroquine works in some cases.
    You got nothing little boy except hate and lies.

  37. dad29

    Will that slow the spread?  Stop the deaths?  Kill the ChiCom Sinus-Slobber?

    C’mon, maaaaaaaaaaan!!  Will Potato-Head’s plans do that?  You’re the one telling us that Ol’Joe will fix it right, so just tell us!

  38. Mar

    But, But Trump lied and that is why we have so many deaths and illnesses.
    Pure moronic thought

  39. Mar

    You still got nothing, Sociopath. You said it never works and that is just plain wrong.
    And yes, the Badgers are impressive as long as they don’t get the virus again.

  40. Le Roi du Nord


    I provided much more than the 1 legitimate study you wanted, so the nothing is all on you. The smart folks still disagree with you.

  41. Mar

    Yes you did and you are still wrong.
    Your hatred of President Trump will not allow you to admit it.

  42. dad29

    Cat got your tongue, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy?

    You got nothin’.

  43. Le Roi du Nord

    You guys are precious, denying is your game. If trump told you that you had six ears, you would look in the mirror and say you did. Deny away, there is no sense talking to you guys, you are immune to facts.

  44. Mar

    “Deny away, there is no sense talking to you guys, you are immune to facts.”
    So says the sociopath who has to lie and hate to try and prove his point.

  45. Le Roi du Nord

    Which of the legitimate and peer reviewed studies I provided is a lie? Be specific, use facts. Thanks.

    And no mar, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.

  46. Mar

    I didn’t say the studies were a lie, sociopath, but you are wrong because of your hatred of President Trump. Science has said that hydroxychloroquine does work in certain situations.
    And you constantly lie to make your points.

  47. Le Roi du Nord

    It isn’t prescribed for covid, it hasn’t been proven effective as either a preventative or a cure, and has questionable to no value for treating covid.   So what was the lie?  Or is that the only response you can come up with?

  48. Mar

    “”It isn’t prescribed for covid,”
    Then how are all thousands of patients getting it? Breaking into pharmacies?
    “hasn’t been proven effective as either a preventative or a cure”
    Tell that to the thousands it has helped and the scientific studies that says it does help in some cases.
    Well, there are your lies right there.

  49. Le Roi du Nord

    Perhaps you could provide sources for those  “Then how are all thousands of patients getting it? Breaking into pharmacies?
    “hasn’t been proven effective as either a preventative or a cure”
    Tell that to the thousands it has helped and the scientific studies that says it does help in some cases.”, claims.?   Facts would be nice.

  50. Le Roi du Nord

    From PPN, August 8, 2020:

    “More evidence from well-done, randomized, controlled studies is finding little to no benefit for the use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine as a treatment or prophylaxis for COVID-19. Several institutions, including the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, are so convinced by this evidence that they stopped their studies of the drugs for COVID-19.

  51. Jason


    >Our search for functional immunity to Sars-Cov-2 is less a biological quandary than a psychological one. To explain the widespread transmission and death, the chronic debilitating illness that has resulted in many Covid-19 patients who have cleared the infection but not recovered from the disease, and the severe disruption to our everyday lives, it is tempting to think that the virus is a singular pathogen the likes of which we have not seen before.
    >In reality, it is our inadequate policies and lack of evidence-based public health strategy that has gotten us to where we are today in the US, the UK and most of the rest of Europe. Our immune systems are mostly responding to this virus the way we’d expect; it is our leadership whose responses have failed.

  52. Jason

    Oh and for those idiots who blame Trump for allowing Covid-19 to get to the US in Jan / Feb..


    A new study has found that the coronavirus may have spread outside of China far earlier than previously thought.
    A study by the National Cancer Institute said the deadly virus appears to have been circulating in Milan last September — five months before Italy’s first COVID-19 patient was detected, and three months before the outbreak was reported in Wuhan, China.

  53. Mar

    Sociopath, I already have.
    Just admit you hate President Trump and you so desperately want to prove him wrong.
    And that is why you refuse to say Trump has done anything right and you call him names.
    It is very obvious, even to Helen Keller, that you hate him. Just admit the obvious.
    Otherwise keep on lying and looking like a fool.

  54. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you haven’t provided anything to support your claim. Anyone can look in the thread above and see that. Amazing how desperate you have become .

  55. Tuerqas

    And people were assuring us that it all would go away on November 4th.

    I don’t remember other people saying many things like this besides me, so I’ll take responsibility for that, but I will correct you a bit.  I said rioting would go away right away, and I meant by the time the election is decided, thought I may not have said it that way, oops.  And I said COVID would go away as a constant national headline by a few weeks after the election and again should have said a few weeks after the election is decided.  If one or both of the vaccines that have shown some success is fast-tracked I still stand by my statements.  I just saw my doctor, though, and he said they would not be approved for 1 to 2 years at a minimum as there is no fast-tracking the FDA (my doctor’s words).  If so, I was wrong.  There you go.

    As I said, I specified that if Biden won, the news would begin to die down on it as soon as he took office, not that the disease itself would actually go away or that it would happen during the transition.  If Biden follows through with a second shutdown, I will have been entirely wrong, in my own opinion.  If Trump won I said that the news would still die down as Dems wouldn’t win much political capital for a year or more, and I was definitely wrong on that.  Just like the daily death toll in Iraq in the news didn’t end until Obama was elected (not when the pull out was announced).  It looks like election year levels of propaganda is here to stay (It was for the Iraq invasion too, don’t know what I was thinking).  I did not think that a second major shutdown would occur.  I think the facts/statistics have been manipulated, and if Biden won, the facts would be re-interpreted going forward.  Right now it sounds like the Dems are looking to aggressively lose the next mid-terms by imposing another 4 week or longer lockdown when he takes office.  If the vaccines become the headlines when Biden is finally acknowledged the President-elect, I will actually have been right (and Biden will get credit for the vaccines in history just as Obama got credit for ending the war in Iraq).  BLM riots are already out of the daily headline news.  Election results ‘marches’ are now getting some attention, but Republicans just don’t have the resources in place for organizing ‘marches’ and they would not get the national headline attention in the news, so I don’t think much will come from that.  Now if Trump tries to keep office…


  56. Owen

    I expected the COVID hysteria to die down after 11/4 too because it is in the self interest of Democratic governors and politicos to keep their economies humming. I underestimated how addicted they have gotten to the totalitarian rule that they claimed on behalf of COVID.

  57. Mar

    Well, President Trump is still President and the press, media and liberals will hound him until he leaves office.

  58. Le Roi du Nord


    You missed this part:

    “The Henry Ford hospital study … was confounded by a number of issues, including the fact that many of the people who are receiving hydroxychloroquine were also receiving corticosteroids, which we know from another study gives a clear benefit in reducing deaths with advanced disease,” Fauci said.
    “So that study is a flawed study. … When I do see a randomized placebo-controlled trial that looks at any aspect of hydroxychloroquine — either early study, middle study or late — if that randomized placebo-controlled trial shows efficacy, I would be the first one to admit it and to promote it.”

  59. Mar

    You are just so hateful, sociopath. You prove it time and time again
    And Fauchi is a credible source, you’re joking, right?

  60. Mar

    It really is funny you use Dr. Fauchi as a source. The guy has been more wrong than you about this virus.
    And add in the fact that he is a Democrat stooge doesn’t help your case either.
    Now, you are the one who is grasping at air.
    You got nothing.

  61. Le Roi du Nord

    Dr. Fauchi is a MD, been in the infectious disease business for decades, is well respected in the field. He is by far a better source of information than you and trump combined, hands down.

  62. Mar

    So, you bring nothing again, socio.sociopath.

  63. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong mar, I brought facts, you brought denial of same.

  64. Mar

    So sad. So pathetic. So hateful.
    You just refuse to admit you are wrong.
    Plain wrong.
    I am not saying that you are stupid, just that you are constantly unlucky when you try thinking.

  65. Le Roi du Nord


    So what do you have to refute what all the sources I provided have to say?  Your instructions from aliens acquired while wearing your tin foil hat ?  Code written on your cans of Coors Light?  Or just made it all up?

    And no mar, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.

  66. Mar

    Sorry, sociopath, but Dad slapped your arguments down already.
    You got nothing and always have.

  67. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, he didn’t.  Nor have you.  And they aren’t “my” arguments, but those of actual experts in the medical field, unlike you and dad.

  68. Mar

    Yep, you still have nothing but hate for President Trump.
    If it was Biden, you would have said Senile is a genius but because of your hatred, you tiny little bigoted mind cannot give President Trump credit for anything good.

  69. Le Roi du Nord

    How many times do I have to explain to you, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.  Geeeez, you are a really slow learner.

  70. Mar

    But you words say different, sociopath.
    Name 2 positive things President Trump deserves credit for.
    I challenge you to do that.
    Give him credit for the helping with the development of the vaccine for the Chinese virus.
    Give him credit for the economy before the Chinese virus and credit for the building the economy afterwards.
    Come on little boy.
    And give him credit for his views for law and order, including law and order regarding immigration.
    Come on, man. Just do it.

  71. Le Roi du Nord


    1)  He lost the election through his own ineptitude.  A great positive result and beneficial to the citizens of the country.

    2)  He didn’t start a nuclear war.

  72. Mar

    Thank you sociopath. You showed everyone what a petty, hateful, ugly, disrespectful moron you are.
    Congratulations for being such a hateful person, your dog must be so proud of you.

  73. dad29

    If you look closely at the JS/Pravda’s screed above, you’ll find that not all “doctors” are “doctors.”

    Further, every doctor has an opinion.  That’s what we PAY them for.  So finding 4 guys with an opinion is not significant at all.


  74. dad29

    Dr. Fauchi is a MD, been in the infectious disease business for decades, is well respected in the field.

    Gee.  A union-protected Gummint employee ‘for decades.’  THAT makes him “respected”?  Not by his AIDS victims, pal.

    Fraudci has been on 5 sides of the mask question, 3 sides of “social distance,” and is still spinning on “lockdowns.”

    Respectable, eh?

  75. dad29

    One more thing:  Fraudci has not practiced medicine on real live people for at least 50 years.  What makes him an “expert”?

    Yes, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, you were owned here.  Just give up and move on.  Cry a little about Biden’s loss and about the Club Fed time that’s going to be served by a lot of Govenors in the near future, and move on.  There are a lot of driveways which need your concrete-finishing skills.

  76. Jason

    CDC now seems to think they are only recording 1/8 th of all infections.  So that death rate over 53 million people is a lot more like Influenza than it is over 12.  I think we talked over and over and over about the importance of the numerator and the denominator and one of our stupid liberal non-thinkers insisted it didn’t matter.

  77. MjM

    Nazi Nort ignores facts he don’t like:  doctors-slam-ron-johnson-
    “Facts don’t matter,” Carome said of the hearing’s approach. “Evidence doesn’t matter. It is just outrageous that they continue to cling to this notion that hydroxychloroquine can be effective.”
    And some so blind….

    In the treatment group, 4 (2.8%) of 141 patients were hospitalised, which was significantly fewer than the 58 (15.4%) of 377 patients in the untreated group

    And this is in Nazi Nort’s collection of  “evidence”….
    Jha, a physician, health policy researcher….
    “I shared evidence of studies that have failed to find benefit of HCQ,” Jha tweeted. “Three other witnesses shared personal experiences. And suggested my testimony was reckless because it would deny people access to lifesaving HCQ.”
    A policy wonk simply names studies he had absolutely nothing to do with while out right dismissing actual boots-on-the-ground reality. (Does that not sounds just like another (in)famous fellow policy wonk?)

    Question for you,  Nortomous:  Has HQC cured your RA?

  78. dad29

    Maybe the HQC has had effects on his cognitive abilities?

  79. Le Roi du Nord

    HCQ isn’t intended to “cure” RA.  Smart folks know that.

  80. Mar

    Then why do you take it, sociopath?

  81. MjM

    Nazi Nort realizes zilch: “Smart folks know that.”

    Smart people, unlike you, also know that HCQ is not a “cure” for CCPVirus. Smart people, unlike you, also know HCQ is not a “preventative” of CCPVirus any more than NyQuil is of the common cold. And smart people, unlike you, understand why that is.

    Smart people – including some at UW medical – also know, and knew more than eight months ago – that using HCQ post-hospitalization was mostly wasted effort, and tried telling that to the deaf and dumb policy wonks. But of course, they were and have been ignored.

    And so, smart people know that every article/study you cited as proof of the failures of HCQ are themselves documentation of incorrect use of HCQ as it pertains to CCPVirus.

    And Mar asked my next question before I could. Please explain why you continue an HCQ regiment if is not your cure.

  82. Jason

    Goodness, I love it when a stupid liberal corners himself.  Next thing you know Leroy is going to gnaw his arm off in an attempt to escape.  Stupid Leroy.

  83. Le Roi du Nord

    I’ll try to keep this simple for the simple and slow learners.

    HCQ, and other drugs, don’t “cure” RA.  But they do slow down, and sometimes reduce the progression of the disease, and reduce some of the symptoms. And there are several different courses of treatment, not all work for everyone, but it appears the 3 drugs I am on now have been working, at least better than the last ones.  It will never be “cured”, but at least it isn’t getting worse as fast as it once was.  There is a lot more I could say, but won’t waste anymore time on something you folks won’t, or can’t comprehend.


  84. Mar

    Gee, sociopath, we have been saying that about hydroxychloroquine and the Chinese virus.
    Shows that you are wrong again.

  85. Mar

    Dad, 80% wrong? You are feeling generous and kind today.

  86. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you and trump said that HCQ was a miracle cure.  Now you are backsliding.  Can’t make up your mind?  Forgot what you originally claimed?  Or just don’t have a clue.  Or all three?

  87. Mar

    Nope sociopath, lying again.
    Just because you are a hateful human being, I think you may be human, doesn’t give you the right to lie and make things up.
    Show me where I said hydroxychloroquine was a cure.
    Show me the quote where President Trump said it was a miracle cure and make sure you use the words “miracle cure”. Or at least the word cure.
    Go on. Go find the quotes. And make sure you use the word “cure” or “miracle cure” in the quotes.

  88. Mar

    And again, the sociopath shows his hatred and disrespect to me and President Trump.
    The sociopath lies when he says he doesn’t hate anyone.

  89. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I don’t hate anyone, but I certainly have no respect for folks like you and trump, who are so detached from reality that they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them.

  90. Mar

    So,I guess by your response, you finally have admitted that you are wrong about hydroxychloroquine.
    Congratulations you hateful person.
    And yes, you do hate President Trump.

  91. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, not at all.

    No, I don’t.

    You are making stuff up again.

  92. MjM

    Nazi Nort just can’t stop lying about it: “No mar, you and trump said that HCQ was a miracle cure”

    Because we all know that isn’t true, I’ll just let that hang there in all it’s hateful calumniation.

    But congratulations for trying a witch’s brew of drugs that may, or may not, work. That you deny that to others, however, is a certain sign of rank hypocrisy.

    We all know that, too.

  93. Jason

    He also stated for the record that he was worried that HQC would be harder  to supply or more expensive for him if it were used to treat Covid.  Very typical point of view from Liberals.

  94. Mar

    The sociopath just lies and lies and lies.
    And still waiting to see what a Leopold-White conservative is.
    Go away little troll, sociopath, you bring nothing but lies and hate and more lies.
    You are such a disrespectful and hateful POS.

  95. Mar

    Seriously, sociopath, do you realize how disrespectful to Owen and his blog when you troll and lie and hate so much?
    I might be wrong, but most of us expect honest exchange of opinions here but you choose to destroy that narrative.

  96. MjM

    Jason sez: “He also stated for the record….”

    Distinctly remembered. It’s one of the reasons he needs to constantly lie about what others have said. In his addled brain it legitimizes his snobbish self-importance.

    And yes, “me, me, me” is the liberal motto. From Pelosi to Newsom to Lightfoot to Nazi Nort.

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