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2214, 20 Oct 20

FBI and DOJ Confirm Authenticity of Biden Emails

Well, well… this seems to be relevant.

The FBI has seized Hunter Biden’s laptop and has confirmed the former vice president’s son’s emails are ‘authentic’, while dispelling earlier claims that they are part of a Russia disinformation campaign.

Senior federal officials told Fox News on Tuesday that the bureau is now in possession of the computer allegedly containing emails that could purportedly implicate Joe Biden in his son’s international business dealings during his time as VP.

Insiders said both the FBI and the Department of Justice have concurred with National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s assessment on Monday that there is no evidence to support the files are part of a Russian disinformation scheme.


2214, 20 October 2020


  1. Mar

    Oh, wait, you mean it’s not Russian interference.
    Just proves the Biden family is just a corrupt swamp monster.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Trump makes one innocent phone call to Ukraine to ask to crack down on Biden corruption—-IMPEACH!

    Biden family takes big bags of cash for influence for no real service of product exchange except access to Joe Biden—-NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

    Amazing how quiet hypocritical libs like Peolosi, Nadler, Schiff are on Biden’s total corruption.

    Democrats are just totally corrupt at the top.


  3. Pat


  4. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m with you , Pat.


    BTW, the word is “perfect”.

  5. Jason

    And here for the world to see, Pat and Leroy show their idiotic and irrational hatred for Trump. Look how far they stretch to ignore evidence of corruption in the previous presidency. The two leaders of double standards.

  6. Pat


    What corruption?

  7. Pat

    Did ya’ll hear about the secret bank account Joe Biden has in China?

    Oh wait, it’s Trump that has the account.

  8. Jason

    >What corruption?

    Perfect… what corruption.  Hide your head little turtle.

  9. Mar

    Pat, are you related to Lt. Frank Drebin?

  10. Pat

    Someone needs to investigate how much campaign money was funneled to the Trump family.

  11. dad29

    secret bank account

    Shock!  Business uses local bank for its branch operation in Red China!  Uses business name instead of name of principal–just like Bohai Harvest!! OMG!!

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