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0739, 11 Sep 20

Farming Has the Highest Favorability Rating of Any Industry

Interesting stuff.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the first time in Gallup’s 20 years of tracking Americans’ views of various business and industry sectors, farming and agriculture is the clear leader. The former top-ranking industries — restaurants and computers — remain in the top four, with the grocery industry rounding out the group. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry’s image has improved modestly since last year, and it has yielded the “worst rated” distinction back to the federal government.

Look at the big swing in the Sports industry.

The sports industry now has a negative image, on balance, among Americans as a whole, with 30% viewing it positively and 40% negatively, for a -10 net-positive score. This contrasts with the +20 net positive image it enjoyed in 2019, when 45% viewed it positively and 25% negatively.


While it’s not clear how much the various challenges and controversies swirling around the industry are each responsible for its slide in popularity, it is notable that sports has lost more support from Republicans and independents than from Democrats. In fact, Democrats’ view of the sports industry has not changed significantly in the past year, while Republicans’ has slipped from a +11 net-positive score in 2019 to a net -35 today, and independents’ from +26 to -10.

This is particularly troublesome for a non-essential industry that relies on people liking it. For example, if people don’t like the farming industry, what do they care? People will still buy food. But if people don’t like sports, they don’t have to spend a dollar on them.


0739, 11 September 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Sports should be at bottom given their disgusting SJW nonsense.


  2. Pat

    What I don’t understand is why fan’s booed the other night when football players stood for a moment of unity after the National Anthem had already played. To me it shows it was never about the National Anthem.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    The fans sniffed out the “lack of unity”movement masqueradering as extremeist SJW positionsing.

    Ratings were in toilet.

    I probably will not watch Packer game tommorrow, for first time ever.   I will not support spoiled sports millionaires who support tearing the nation down with radical insane liberalism.


    Fans were right to boo, and the booing is not over.


  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Did you take an extra exaggeration and hyperbole pill today, k??

  5. Mar

    Pat, the Houston Texans were not on the field during the National Anthem. The Chiefs played the Black national anthem.
    The booing was justified. And it was about the Anthem(s).
    If they players just did the unity thing,it probably would not have been a big deal.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just calling out evil ideology…like I do everyday.


  7. MHMaley

    The athletes have achieved their pinnacle in their profession .

    Their comments reflect their own experience growing up .

    What Kevin does or thinks is irrelevant to what they want to express .
    When he becomes the largest franchisee of DQ absent any
    covid on his properties , maybe someone will care abut his opinions .

    Until then , Who cares what he thinks or watches ?

  8. Mar

    Well, Mr. Irrelevant MHMaley, who really cares what you think?
    But you do realize this is an opinion blog and people put forth their opinions.
    But again, who cares what you believe and think?

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    Yet you persist in supporting the evil wannabe dictator currently occupying the WH. Awful. Just awful.

  10. Mar

    Pathological Liar Le Roi lying again.
    Definition of hate:
    “to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.”
    That is you, Pathological Liar Le Roi.
    A vile hateful person.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    mar, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.  But I do pity you for your inability to learn.  I have always felt that everyone can gain knowledge in some some manner or form.  I’ll admit that I was wrong in your case.

  12. Pat

    “Pat, the Houston Texans were not on the field during the National Anthem. The Chiefs played the Black national anthem.“

    So what if the Texans weren’t on the field for the National Anthem?? It wasn’t until 2009 that NFL players were required to be on the field for the national anthem. Before 2009, they have always had the option to stand on the sidelines during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

    In 2015, Sen. John McCain and Sen. John Flake released a joint oversight report on what they called the “paid patriotism,” saying the Department of Defense gave as much as $6.8 million in taxpayer money to professional sports teams to honor the military at games and events over the past four years. McCain criticized the move in a statement at the time, saying, “Fans should have confidence that their hometown heroes are being honored because of their honorable military service, not as a marketing ploy.”

  13. Mar

    So, that’s why the fans were booing, Pat?

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Your judgment is so skewed with insanity, no one takes you seriously.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    Proof k? Or just more stuff you made up?

  16. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    There’s no reason that tax payer money goes toward the NFL to promote the military. Nothing but propaganda. I support teams, or players, staying in the locker rooms until they are ready to play. And I’m all for teams standing in unity with one and other. Are you against unity?

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    The fact you claim to be “pro law enforcement” but then refuse to say thank you to Kenosha officers hauling criminal sexual assault fugitive frlon Jacob Blake in.

    Awful judgment choosing criminals over cops.

  18. Mar

    Ignorant Pat, depends what they standing in unity for.

  19. Mar

    Kevin, Le Roi is asking for proof that he is insane.
    I think we can easily answer that question.
    But I’ll let you have the honors.

  20. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    The NFL said the standing in unity is “a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country.”

    Are you against equality in our country?

  21. Mar

    When there is rioting, looting, violence in the inner cities being ignored, then no.

  22. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    The standing in unity has nothing to do with support for any of those things. Why are you lying again?

  23. Mar

    Ignorant Pat, now you’re just playing stupid just to be stupid.
    Stop taking Le Roi stupid pills.
    They support Black Lives Matters which is a eacist terrorist group
    And Black Lives Matter members riot and loot.
    And not one team has spoken out about the violence in the inner cities.
    Now, stop acting like a Le Roi.

  24. Mar

    And Pat, I admit my mistakes, something you are too weak to do.

  25. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    You making that up.

  26. Mar

    Haha, Pathological Liar Pat Le Roi.
    Don’t quit your day job to become a comedian.

  27. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    BLM has not been designated a terrorist organization.

  28. Mar

    Using the Helen Keller defense now. I don’t see or hear anything?
    The US doesn’t designate terrorist groups but using common sense, which you lack, you can see they act like terrorists.
    I can’t fix stupid and I can’t fix you.

  29. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    In other words, they are a terrorist organization because you say they are.


  30. Le Roi du Nord


    I didn’t choose any frlon over the cops, you made that up. What does that prove, that you are disconnected from reality? That a rational discussion is beyond your capabilities? Or that you just like to make stuff up to plump up you flagging ego?

  31. Mar

    So, Pat, you support an organization of racist, rioting thugs? You support their intimidation.
    I guess that makes a rioting, looting racist thug.
    Ok,good to know.
    Good to know that you support their agenda, which is treason.
    Good to know you hate America.
    Good to know.

  32. Kevin Scheunemann


    This why your judgment is awful. Fail to openly support cops against your leftist mob.

    Awful. Just awful.

  33. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    Why do you persist on lying. Is your problem alcoholism? Please seek help.

  34. Mar

    Why am I lying Ignorant Pat? You support BLM. You hate America. You are racist. You hate cops. You must have cheered when there was a protest in LA, where 2 cops were shot and the protestor thugs chanted they wanted the cops to die.
    That is what BLM wants and supports.
    It is a mental illness, something you are very familiar with.

  35. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    I haven’t a clue why you keep lying. I wish I could answer that for you, but only you know the answer to your problem. Please, I beg you, find help.

  36. Pat

    I say I support citizens standing in unity in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country, and Lying Mar loses his shit.

  37. Mar

    Actually, Lying Pat you never said that.
    Proof proof of your insanity.

  38. Pat

    Put the bottle down, Lying Mar.

  39. Mar

    I guess that is your admission you are wrong again.

  40. Pat

    Wrong about what, Lying Mar?

  41. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    Here is my exact quote I made early today on this thread.

    “I support teams, or players, staying in the locker rooms until they are ready to play. And I’m all for teams standing in unity with one and other.”

  42. Mar

    And you said this: “I say I support citizens standing in unity in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country, and Lying Mar loses his shit.”
    Quite different from your first comment.
    Wrong again, Pat.

  43. Pat

    Lying Mar,

    Are football players not citizens? I support anyone, even you, standing in unity.

  44. Mar

    I will not stand in unity to anyone who supports Antifa, BLM (the group), any one who supports the rapist down in Kenosha who was shot by the cops but not his victim, the thugs that protested at the hospital yesterday in LA, the rioters and looters and other thugs.
    If you support them and stand in unity with them, God bless you.
    If a football player supports, I will criticize them and not watch their games.
    But it kind of says what a person you and they are by supporting them.

  45. Pat

    Gee, Lying Mar,

    I don’t know if that’s what standing in unity means. I know I don’t support rapists, people who shoot police, racists, Trump, or Trump supporters. I stand for freedom and America.

  46. Mar

    Then, Pat you don’t stand for unity, and that’s a good thing.

  47. Mar

    Well, lookee here. The Big 10 will resume football in October.
    And boom goes the dynamite, Trump wins again.

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