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0803, 11 Sep 20

Evers Administration Still Failing with Processing Unemployment Benefits

It has been so long that either they want the backlog or they are just too incompetent to deal with it. Meanwhile, real people are hurting.

According to the DWD, the department received more than 6 million weekly claims from March 15 through September 5. Nearly 700,000 of them are still being processed.

“They have had significant backlogs due to the workload of the historic layoff through this pandemic,” Workforce Connections executive director Teresa Pierce said.

Pierce says the DWD moved most of their staff to the unemployment insurance sector.

“There’s been a substantial increase in the number of calls we’ve received at the job center,” Pierce said. “And then we refer them to Madison.”


0803, 11 September 2020


  1. penquin

    From what I understand the slowdowns & barriers in the unemployment process were created by the Legislative branch several years ago in an attempt to prevent fraud, and Evers can not legally override those laws that were enacted under the former Governor.

    Unfortunately, the Assembly & State Senate have made it clear that they have no desire what-so-ever to do their job and still remain in recess during this crisis situation.

  2. Pat


    Awful. Just awful.

  3. dad29

    Umnhhh…..what anti-fraud provisions impede qualifying for UC….unless you are fraudulently applying?

    We’ll wait.

  4. Jason

    Dad, we intelligent people are still waiting for details and proof on how Trump and DeJoy were colluding to cause the USPS to fail so an election could be stolen. All those baseless accusations and conspiracy theories and nothing has come. Awful, just awful.

  5. dad29

    DeJoy is actually a Putin operative, lent to Trump for the period before the election.

    PLEASE don’t let anyone else know this!!  It’s compartmentalized top secret.  Not even LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy and Jiffy know about this.

  6. dad29

    No different from that beauty-parlor owner in SFO.  Another Putin operative sent to assist Trump in “setting up” Nancy.  Speaks perfect English and everything.  SSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!

  7. Merlin

    It could be spite, incompetence, or simple indifference. Go with whichever requires the least effort.

  8. Mar

    Darn it Dad, I watched CNN, MSNBC and listen to NPR too see if this true.
    But what I got was much more bizarre and hateful.
    Now, there are 45 minutes of life I will never get back and had to shower 4 times after listening to them.

  9. Mar

    It was like reading what Le Roi posts: I hate Trump. Then lies. I hate Trump. Then lies.
    Just repeating the same crap time after time.
    I hate Trump and more lies.
    Must make Le Roi proud.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Quote from mar:

    “I hate Trump”.

    Finally you admit it. It must have been quite an epiphany for you. Congrats!

  11. Mar

    Wow, Le Roi, you really are having reading comprehension problems today.
    What a shame.
    What a Liar.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    It isn’t a lie, it’s a quote, mar. And by you, not me. I have never, ever said that. I leave the lying and hating to guys like you.

  13. Mar

    Poor, poor poor delusional Le Roi.
    How pathetic he has become.
    Just a shell of a man(?).

  14. penquin

    >>what anti-fraud provisions impede qualifying for UC
    “Systems have been over-calibrated to prevent overpayments at the expense of paying appropriate benefits. States have programmed their computer systems to pause applications at every decision point, which can generate multiple eligibility determinations and denials,” Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst with the unemployment law group, testified this month to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.
    “As we have seen, that is going to slow down benefits getting to the public when there is a crisis.”
    A 2014 state audit found that DWD call centers automatically blocked 80% of calls during times of high volume.
    “It can be challenging for DWD to handle significant, temporary increases in calls during certain times of the year. If the steps that DWD has planned are insufficient and large numbers of calls are blocked in the coming months, DWD may need to take additional action,” the audit said.
    The audit came as Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled Legislature largely focused on limiting access to unemployment insurance and reducing perceived fraud.
    Beginning in 2011, the Legislature under then-Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, enacted a series of laws that: created a one-week waiting period for benefits (temporarily waived during the pandemic), increased work search requirements for recipients, disqualified people on federal disability from accessing unemployment compensation and increased criminal penalties for making false statements or representations on applications.
    Additionally, Walker signed a lame-duck law just before Evers took office that restricts the governor’s ability to waive certain requirements for state-federal benefits programs including unemployment insurance.

    FWIW –  It was the WI-GOP who said those measures were enacted in order to combat fraud – that may or may not have been their actual intentions.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    So mar, how is a direct and accurate quote delusional? Or are you delusional?

  16. Mar

    Because you didn’t add the colon moron.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    It’s still a direct and accurate quote, colon or not. But I won’t call you any names. Everybody knows already.

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