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0718, 08 Sep 20

Recall Evers at election time

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a part:

Governor Tony Evers is proving to be one of the most partisan, nasty, incompetent governors in modern history. Our state is worse off for him having been elected. But we elected him, and he is our governor for at least the next 28 long, long months. The burgeoning attempt to recall the governor, while well-intentioned, is an affront to our system of government and social contract. We elected him. Barring something criminal, we are stuck with him, and that is as it should be.


The thing with Governor Evers is that his incompetence, dishonesty, poor social skills, and laziness were on full display before the voters elected him. It was obvious to anyone looking. But in a fit of cantankerousness, the good people of Wisconsin elected him anyway. As the old saw goes, elections have consequences.

The frustration that some people are feeling over our governor is a healthy reminder that elections have consequences. The governor is not a boorish house guest that can be shown the door when his behavior becomes too much. We invited him to stay the night and we are stuck with him until morning.

We choose our elected leaders during orderly, regularly scheduled elections. That is where we must spend our time, money, and energy. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Good choices during an election prevent the damage bad choices inflict. Recalling a governor should be reserved for only the most egregious and criminal of transgressions.

Focus on the elections. They matter.


0718, 08 September 2020

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I did sign recall petition.

    I would be surprised if they get the needed amount of signatures.   During Walker recall… liberals had a compliant liberal media pounding the recall petition everyday.  No such media bias is occurring in favor of the Recall Evers organization today.   It’s disgusting liberal media bias.

    My take on it is:  this is how people, who are frustrated with Evers horrible decisions and disgusting anti-law and order attitude are channeling their upset.   At least we don’t burn and loot the cities like the radical liberals.

    I say let frustrated taxpayers vent their frustration and see what happens.   I do agree we need to focus on electing Trump to keep the country away from the awful rule of liberals.



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