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0724, 08 Sep 20

Put Public Records Online

Absolutely. Sunshine makes the rats scurry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that many of our jobs can be done digitally and remotely.

We’ve found that we can process reports, post documents online and share files with ease from our home workplaces. In some cases, providing access to information is actually easier than it was before. The same thing could — and should — be done with records maintained by state and local governments, removing a cumbersome, unnecessary barrier between the public and the records to which they are entitled.

Simply put, information that would normally be released through an open records request could be posted to the internet. With a few clicks of a computer mouse, things like criminal charging documents, public-private partnership contracts, and government agency budgets could be put online for all to access.


0724, 08 September 2020


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