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1353, 03 Sep 20

Known Gang Member with Illegal Gun Shot By Police

Good for the police to release the footage quickly to inject some facts into the public debate. But of course, facts don’t matter. We have a violent insurrectionist cabal that is using the shooting of any black person by police as an excuse to protest and riot. Whether or not the shooting was justified is irrelevant to their cause.

Washington D.C. police have released bodycam footage showing the moment officers shot dead an 18-year-old black man after he allegedly brandished a gun during a police chase – sparking further protests across the city.

Deon Kay died on Wednesday after he was shot in the chest by a Metropolitan Police officer identified on Thursday as Alexander Alvarez.

Authorities said Kay was one of two people who fled on Wednesday afternoon when approached by uniformed cops investigating reports of a man with a gun near the 200 block of Orange Street.

Police Chief Peter Newsham said officers had seen a livestream video on social media of a man with a gun and recognized him from ‘previous contacts.’

He said Kay was ‘validated gang member’ from the area and had had multiple brushes with the law in the past.

During the foot pursuit, Kay allegedly pulled out a weapon, prompting the officer to open fire in response, the MPD said.

To make my case:

Following the shooting, the local Black Lives Matter affiliate called for immediate protests outside the MPD’s 7th District headquarters, stating in a tweet, ‘DC police murdered a Black man today.’

Before they knew a single fact, they called it “murder.” Clearly, it was not, but that doesn’t matter to them.


1353, 03 September 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    Praise the police force here?

    Denounce the criminal?

    No?  going to punt, again?

  2. Pat


  3. Mar

    So, now the rioters and looters are rioting and looting for rapists and thugs.
    And jjf jumps for joy.

  4. jjf

    Looking for attention again, Mar?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    What say you here?   nordis too cowardly to show his support for law enforcement again in a specific case like this.


  6. Mar

    Nope, jjf, just a fact. You support those rioting, looting racist thugs.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    Any time you feel up to proving your lack of cowardice, let me know. Talking tough on your keyboard doesn’t make you brave.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why do these simple questions get you in such a knot?

    You claim “pro law enforcement” status, you should easily agree with me here…unless you don’t really support law enforcement.

    If so, just say that…no need with indirect threats.

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    k : why do truthful answers cause you such pain ?

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    This isn’t about me, it is about you and your inability to stick up for a law enforcement officers in specific instances like this.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    It sure is all about you. It’s about you demanding others to do what you won’t. About you calling others names. About you denying facts in favor of fiction. It IS all about you.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just a simple question

    Just curious why you can’t support law enforcement at every opportunity.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    I do k, you just can’t abide with someone that won’t use your labels, intolerance, and biases to make a statement and show support.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    I asked if you praised police force here?

    Denounced the criminal here?

    How do you support the police if those questions are “intolerance”, “labels”, and “biases”?


  15. Le Roi du Nord


    What is shameful is your all encompassing need to demand of others what you won’t do yourself . Go ahead, stomp your feet, do some juvenile name calling, you can’t help yourself .

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    What are you talking about? I’m praising law enforcement here.

    I’m denouncing criminal evil here.

    Will you?

  17. Mar

    And thru the town the joyous news was spread
    Ding-dong, the thug is dead! Which old thug? The wicked thug.
    Ding-dong, the wicked thug is dead
    Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
    Wake up, the wicked thug is dead!
    He’s gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
    Let’s open up and sing, and ring the bells out
    Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it,
    The thug is dead.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    k :

    I know, encompassing is a long word, but I had hoped that you would look it up if it baffled you. Looks like I was wrong. So I suggest you read the post, this time for comprehension.

  19. Le Roi du Nord


    Same here. Good job DoJ.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you say job job specifically on that, which it is.

    What about a specific good job for law enforcement in Owens article at top? Or do you detest left wing gang members being arested?

  21. Mar

    Didn’t anybody tell those 2 knuckleheads that the riots were already over? They should have been arrested for stupidity.

  22. Mar

    Le Roi praises the cops for arresting the knuckleheads with guns but says nothing about the thug who was shot in Kenosha.
    Silence on the thugs arrest.
    I guess we can say now, Le Roi doesn’t care much about women.paa

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