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0729, 14 Aug 20

People Are Lying to Contact Tracers

People are less and less trusting of government officials who have continually abused that trust. Nobody wants to rat out their favorite bar or store or neighbor to the government health department and risk having the government shut down society again.

As the number of people contracting COVID-19 across Wisconsin continues to rise, tracking down everyone who people infected with the virus have been in contact with is becoming increasingly difficult, county health department directors said.

Their challenge comes not only from the growing volume of cases, they said, but from people infected with the coronavirus being less than forthcoming about where they’ve been and who they’ve been around.


Quickly getting in touch with people who are infected is only part of the battle. Lindsay Sarauer, who holds various roles related to COVID-19 at the Kenosha County Health Department, said contact tracers there have been incredibly successful getting in touch with people who test positive, but fewer and fewer people are giving truthful answers to questions about where they’ve been and who they’ve been in contact with.

“We’re seeing, ‘No, I didn’t go anywhere. I’ve never been to the grocery store. I don’t have anybody in my household. I don’t have a significant other,’ or things like that,” Sarauer said. “So, they’re taking contact tracing and quarantining into their own hands instead of us giving them the guidance that’s needed from a health department aspect.”


0729, 14 August 2020


  1. dad29


  2. Jason


  3. MjM

    That article is chock full of lies and fearmongering distortions…..

    The number of people testing positive for the virus has grown rapidly across the state since mid-May, when the Wisconsin Department of Health Services safer-at-home order was lifted after the state Supreme Court overturned an extension of that order.

    The number of positives has grown rapidly since the first case discovered in WI.

    In the month before the WSC ruling positives grew 3,6416%.  Since the ruling, positives have grown 440%

    The [Eau Claire] county set records for coronavirus cases each of the past two weeks — 83 in the seven days prior to Monday and 71 the previous week. With 16 new cases on Wednesday the county reached 629, with four deaths attributed to COVID-19.

    This is called cherry picking.   Anyone can play that game.

    June 27-July4:  71 new positives.

    July20-July27:  36 new positives.

    Eau Claire County has an infection rate – 0.6% of population –  less that half of WI as a whole and the US.

    Cases in Kenosha County have steadily increased over the course of the pandemic.

    Duh.   So have car accidents.  And rainfall.  And brat eating.

    “If you look at other states where school has started again, you’re seeing many outbreaks, and if that happens here I fear we won’t be able to keep up.”

    Notice the complete lack of actual cite of where all these outbreaks are occurring.   This is an blatant lie.

    Contact tracing in Chippewa County could get more difficult. On Wednesday the county reported 29 new cases during the previous week, up from 15 the week before that.

    It also could not.  But that wouldn’t scare you enough, would it?  And note the continued picking of cherries….

    On Wednesday the county reported 29 new cases during the previous week, up from 15 the week before that.

    Note the continued picking of cherries….

    Chippewa County reported prior week positives :

    7/31:  19

    7/24: 37

    7/17: 22

    7/10: 37

    7/2 :  13

    6/26: 17

    Chippewa County has a current infection rate of 0.39% of population.



  4. jsr

    Concerning lying to survey takers — think this might apply to those asking about whether anyone in your household owns a gun?  I think there’s a long tradition in the US of lying to people asking questions.

  5. Mar

    If they came to me, I would kindly them them to f off.
    I don’t need to tell a government worker who I associate with, where I have been and when I was at a particular place.
    But I would be nice about it.

  6. dad29

    Yup.  All that DEATH out there, jus’ waitin’ for you……..yet the Wisconsin Hospitals report 33 LESS Kung-Flu patients today than yesterday.  That’s a cherry-pick too, as it’s up 24 since last week.

    The IHME model projects 393 beds needed for today; only 354 are in use state-wide.  Confirmed cases (whatever that means) are running ~750/day over the last week in Wisconsin.

    So where are all the DYING PEOPLE???


  7. jjf

    That tingle means it’s working, Dad29.

    Mar – you’re a regular saint with a great deal of care for others.

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