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2207, 26 Jul 20

Republicans Agree to Borrow and Spend Another Trillion Dollars

For the love of Pete… STOP.

The $1 trillion plan is expected to reduce the federal unemployment benefit to about $200 per week, on average, or 70% of the wages a worker earned before ending up jobless. It would also provide $105 billion for schools, $70 billion of which would go to K-12 institutions with more going to schools that reopen; it would give $16 billion more for virus testing and tracing; it would provide another round of popular stimulus checks; it would include a second, more targeted round of forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses; and it would provide tax credits for businesses to help with rehiring and reopening.

President Donald Trump had insisted on a payroll tax cut, which caused some delay, but after the pitch met with opposition from many Republicans and Democrats alike, the proposal was dropped. Mnuchin acknowledged over the weekend that the tax incentive did not provide immediate relief, unlike the planned second round of direct payments to Americans with modest incomes. Likewise, the administration caved on an effort to zero out any new funding for testing, tracing, and the major federal health agencies involved in fighting the pandemic.


2207, 26 July 2020


  1. Mar

    It’s an election year, what do you expect?
    But why give money to schools that stayed closed?
    They should be running a profit by now.

  2. Mar

    As far as testing goes, well, I hope they do a better job.
    I got tested for free at a CVS today.
    Instead of a professional giving the test, they take your info and then give you a bag.
    It’s a do it yourself test.
    If that’s what they are spending the money on, do it yourself tests, then why bother having testing in the first place?

  3. jjf

    In just a few months, the GOP will be blaming it on President Biden.  Those darn Democrats, always putting us in debt!  Look at this graph!

  4. Jason

    Hard to blame it on a guy that hides in his basement.  You’re stupid enough to believe the current polls, haha!

  5. dad29

    They should be running a profit by now.

    No layoffs.  All health-care and pension expenses still paid.  Sorry, Mar, just shut up and pay more taxes.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


  7. Le Roi du Nord


    If you got tested for free, using the protocol you described, you got what you paid for. And you and yours complain in a different threat about bogus test numbers. Geez whiz, you, having spent 4 decades in the medical profession, should know better.

  8. jjf

    I wonder if Biden is getting tested multiple times a day, you know, using taxpayer dollars.  And if all the people around him at the golf course are tested before he appears.

  9. Mar

    Well, Le Roi, you are right, you get what you pay for.
    And should know better? I don’t have ESP,moron, how would I have known how they were going to test?

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Amazing lack of curiosity for a 40 year medical professional.

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