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2120, 10 Jul 20

BLM Protest in Port Washington

I found myself in Port Washington this evening to check out the scheduled BLM protest. Overall, it was a great display of Americans expressing themselves. It was peaceful and had some funny, some annoying, some touching, and some eye-rolling moments. There are a few pictures below, but here’s how it went down…

The BLM protest was scheduled from 6 PM to 9 PM. I was riding on my bike on the Interurban Trail and swung through downtown Port a little after 5 PM. There were several biker-looking guys getting American flags and a big banner out of their van. I asked about it and they said it was an All Lives Matter sign. They were planning to post somewhere along the route.

The plan for the BLM protest was to assemble at the Port Washington Veteran’s Memorial Park Bandshell at 6, then they would march through downtown for a while before returning to the Bandshell to wrap it up. When they started making speeches at about 6:20 (punctuality is clearly not a virtue to which they aspire), there were about 40 of them there. There were about 60 counter-protesters – some of whom were carrying firearms – assembled around. Some of the counter-protesters were standing close to the BLM folks and some were just standing back or sitting at picnic tables nearby. Additionally, there were several cars and motorcycles that kept driving by with American and/or Back the Blue flags flying.

Several of the BLM speakers then got up on stage and had their say. It was the normal stuff you would expect. Occasionally, some of the counter-protesters would shout out responses and the folks on stage jawed with them a bit. At one point, the counter-protesters broke out into the National Anthem. The BLM folks tried to shout them down by yelling “black lives matter” but gave up half way through.

After about 20 or 30 minutes of this, the BLM protesters set out on their march. They circled around the downtown a bit. Port Washington’s downtown is not very big. I sat and had an ice cream (caramel explosion in a waffle cone) and watched them go by a few times. Eventually they went back to the Bandshell. I walked over there and they were all kneeling, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. There seemed to be a few more of them, but most of the counter-protesters were making their way to the local eating and drinking establishments. I went on my way home.

A couple of things stood out to me. First, most of the BLM organizers were young, white, and female. They seemed to be more professional agitators than local aggrieved people. Maybe not, but that was my impression. There was one politician in there who referred to her constituents, but I couldn’t tell who it was. Second, I was really impressed by the Port Washington police. They were polite and professional to everyone. They didn’t interfere with anyone having their say but were visible. They were chatting with people on all sides. Really good work.

It was refreshing to see Americans having a public discussion.



2120, 10 July 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The women you describe sound like they have a liberal white savior complex.

    That is worst kind of arrogance.

  2. Mar

    So many maskless liberals.
    Must make our liberals so proud.
    And then you wonder why most places having relapses are in liberal cities and areas.

  3. Mar

    I wonder if these fools using BLM really know what they stand.
    For terrorism and rioting.
    A socialist government.
    Could not care less about Blacks being slaughtered in the inner cities.
    Black on Black crime.
    Responsible for several police officer’s deaths.
    And more ugly crap.
    But I bet they felt so proud of themselves.

  4. jjf

    The guns are for intimidation, right?

  5. dad29

    Just like the guns at Stone Mountain, or outside the Philly poll location.

    As to the girls who are problems…….MAYBE professionals, more likely a bunch of Junior-League Karens.  Realistically, who would waste professional time organizing Port Washington?  They’d get……..what……50 recruits?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    This whole probelm comes down to:   We don’t systemically elect crappy leaders in suburbs.

    In Milwaukee they elect dreadful Democrats time after time again, who largely put up with criminals.


  7. Mar

    Meanwhile, 2 police officers were killed in Texas today. I wonder if these twits will be cheering like the hard core members of BLM?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    The local liberals will certainly NOT be denouncing the sick cheering by BLM of these dead cops.

    Local liberals side with cheering evil, that is obvious by their lack of morality on simple things like this.

  9. jjf

    Dad29 trots out the “professionals” conspiracy theory with only his “gut” as evidence.  And injects his usual amount of sexism.  Then he asks why would professionals bother organizing an event in Port.  He’s so close to realizing his conspiracy theory doesn’t make any sense.

    Or maybe, just maybe…  a more parsimonious explanation is that it arose organically.  That those people, there, thought it mattered.

    But at least he admits the guns are for intimidation.

  10. dad29

    Foust displays his psychiatric creds, gained from his vast experience with his shrink.

  11. Mark Hoefert

    There was an article about this group in the West Bend Daily News.  Scheduled to be in West Bend on 7/31.

    ‘Break the Silence in the Burbs’ plans protests into October
    Plans to organize throughout southeastern Wisconsin suburbs every Friday

    WAUKESHA — A protest group called “Break the Silence in the Burbs” has scheduled protests into October in support of the Black Lives Matter movement throughout Washington County and southeastern Wisconsin. Organizer Brittany Vulich is inviting anyone that is interested in participating to request joining the group on Facebook, where more details on each of the protests will be posted and updated, including protest routes.
    A request to join the Facebook group requires filling out answers to three questions.
    The group has already organized three protests — in Grafton, Mequon, and, last Friday, in Menomonee Falls.
    A protest that was originally planned for today in Pewaukee will be rescheduled to November because several of the group’s “core speakers aren’t able to make it,” according to Vulich. She said not having their voices heard wouldn’t feel right.
    Upcoming protests include: Port Washington, July 10; Brookfield, July 17; Cedarburg, July 24; West Bend, July 31; Sheboygan, Aug. 7; Waukesha, Aug. 14; Lake Geneva, Aug. 21; Germantown, Aug. 28; New Berlin, Sept. 4; Fond du Lac, Sept. 11; Muskego, Sept. 18; Slinger/Hartford, Sept. 25; Wauwatosa, Oct. 2; Franklin, Oct. 9; Sussex, Oct. 16; Racine, Oct. 23; Fox Point, Oct. 30.
    “There’s no rhyme or reason why we stopped at the end of October, that was just three months out and we figured that was a really good chunk of time,” Vulich said. “We figured, let’s get through the three months and then go from there.”
    Vulich said they decided to protest into the fall because it’s important to keep the momentum going.
    “(It’s) to bring about real systemic change, not to let that fade away,” she said. “Folks in the suburbs are raising their

    voices, they are coming out, they are showing solidarity and they’re taking steps beyond just marching.”
    Vulich said it’s important change comes from every single community in the state.
    “I am from Mequon,” she said. “I went to college in Milwaukee and I just found myself going to Milwaukee to participate in the marches there and I thought to myself, ‘We need to bring this kind of energy into the suburbs as well.’” Vulich said this is her first time organizing protests for a movement.
    “I didn’t want to share one more hashtag, I didn’t want to share one more article of a black individual who was murdered by law enforcement,” she said. “Sharing content on social media and expressing outrage or sadness just, it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t accomplishing anything.”
    Overall, Vulich said she hopes the protests encourage white individuals and their communities to start to speak out against racism.
    “I hope it encourages community members to self-educate, read literature on anti-racism by people of color, start being more involved in local government — what’s going on there? What are their elected officials saying and doing?,” Vulich said.
    Vulich said communities have been cooperative so far, as she contacts law enforcement prior to each event and they have helped guide traffic. She plans to reach out to elected officials in communities and encouraging them to attend the protests to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement.
    Vulich said she encourages participants to bring a mask, water, sunscreen and to social distance.

  12. jjf

    Dad29 resorts to Personal Insults.  And why?

    And this week he’ll go to confession and say he tried his best to behave.  He’ll sing Matthew 25:40 but it won’t sink in, has never sunk in, it’s like water off a duck.  

    Because His Cruelty Is The Point.

  13. Jason

    Johnny Foust yet again wraps himself in his blankie of victimhood. He will daily visit a blog diametrically opposed to his viewpoint, spread FUD, discord, sarcasm, and what he thinks are whitty character assassinations, yet suck his thumb and cry when the same tactics are applied. You’re really changing the world foust. Maybe you should work on your dummy priviledge some where else?

  14. Mark Hoefert

    @ JJF: Dad29 trots out the “professionals” conspiracy theory with only his “gut” as evidence

    John, I think Dad’s “gut” is exactly right.

    After pasting in that article about this “movement”, I thought I would check out the organizer.

    According to her LinkedIn, she is a “field organizer” for “Organizing Together 2020”.  Also current experience as field organizer for “Emily Siegrest for Wisconsin State Assembly.”  Finance Director for “Jill for Justice for Wisconsin Supreme Court”. On the Board of “Environmental Caucus of Wisconsin Democrat Party”.

    “Organizing for America 2020” booted up in January of this year.  Long before this BLM movement picked up the current momentum.

    Some of the Democratic Party’s most powerful factions are joining forces behind a massive organizing program in six battleground states — an effort aimed at minimizing the damage from a potentially protracted primary and giving the party’s eventual nominee a fighting chance against Donald Trump’s political machine.


    The organizing effort, which experts estimate could cost between $20 million to $60 million, would end after the nomination, at which point the nominee’s campaign would absorb the cost of staff and field offices. It is being funded by a political nonprofit called the Strategic Victory Fund, whose donors are anonymous.


    Organizing Together’s formation marks the further rise of Democratic shadow groups that are stepping in to fill the gaps of an underfunded national party to blunt the time, money and advertising advantages of Trump.

    My, what an opportunity these BLM “protests” provide to “give like-minded progressives and Democrats a place to go to support their efforts to register, talk to and turn out voters.” (from the article).

    Not really about the Blacks.

    Owen, I hope you get on this.  A lot of “professionals” (and money) involved in this.





  15. Merlin

    Small dick energy? It’s trending.

  16. Mark Hoefert

    @ Merlin: Small dick energy? It’s trending.

    Yes indeed. But from the article I linked re: the “grassroots” protest in Port Washington, this is what is called “big dick energy”.

    Buzz around the group has centered on its caliber of early hires. Tewes recruited from a pool of operatives who worked on 2020 campaigns and allied organizations. They include Jane Slusser (formerly the national organizing director for Tom Steyer’s Need to Impeach group); Emmy Ruiz and Anatole Jenkins (of Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign); Geoff Burgan (from Beto O’Rourke’s presidential and Andrew Gillum’s Florida gubernatorial campaigns); former Obama for Florida chief Ashley Walker; For Our Future’s Rich Kotchmar and Amanda Brown Lierman (from the women’s outreach group Supermajority).

  17. dad29


    Much as I’d like to take credit here, it was OWEN who thought that the white gals leading the parade were ‘professionals.’

    I didn’t think that was the case.  And as usual, Jiffy proves incompetent at reading.

    Interesting quotes from this woman Vulich:

    “I went to college in Milwaukee and I just found myself going to Milwaukee to participate in the marches there and I thought to myself, ‘We need to bring this kind of energy into the suburbs as well.’” Vulich said this is her first time organizing protests for a movement.

    Really?  Just sorta happened to fall into this thing?  And “first time organizing…protest”?  Well……first “protest” deal, yes, but not exactly “first time” as organizer, Ms. Vulich.

    Here’s another howler:

    “There’s no rhyme or reason why we stopped at the end of October, that was just three months out and we figured that was a really good chunk of time,”

    How about NOVEMBER 7TH as a ‘rhyme AND reason’ to stop at the end of October?  This is–as Owen suspected–a campaign gambit.

    BTW, there were four (yup, just four) white babes on Bluemound Road waving their BLM signs just east of the Square today.  While we were at the stoplight, 30 cars went past them.  ONE honked…..

    Not a lot of roots in that grassroots.

  18. Merlin

    @Mark Hoefert
    I was just poking at jjf’s love of what’s trending. You’re absolutely right about the extent of the left’s well-funded commitment to their various causes. They’re organized to play small ball for as long as it takes. Passionate and committed.

    Check out Ms. Vulich’s fellow 2020 graduates from EMERGE Wisconsin.

  19. dad29

    Finally……(man, was Owen spot-on here), Ms. Vulich was one of 30 young women selected for Democrat Party candidate training in Madistan a few years ago.


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