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2242, 08 Jul 20

Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention

One wonders if they will be able to even fill this new agency with people. Who would want to work for it? Talk about a no win situation.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Members of the Minneapolis City Council are pledging a thoughtful approach to their proposal to dismantle the city’s police department following the killing of George Floyd.

Council members sought Wednesday to reassure the Minneapolis Charter Commission, with some commissioners expressing concerns that the council was rushing to push through the proposal so voters can decide it in the November election.

The proposal would eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a new agency, the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention. The commission needs to sign off on the question by Aug. 21 for it to be possible to make the November ballot.


2242, 08 July 2020


  1. Mar

    If there is any doubt liberalism is a mental illness, this pretty much is all you need to prove it.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Criminals will take over.

    Liberals are mentally ill embracing evil over good.

  3. Merlin

    This Pollyannish reimagining of policing is doomed to fail.

    Reforming the PD into a social services department won’t alter downward the level of crime and violence on the streets. PDs across the nation and particularly in the urban areas have become paramilitary in response to a decades-long increasing lack of civility on the streets. Violent policing is a response to an uncivil society, not the root cause of it.




  4. jjf

    Merlin, you didn’t say anything about decades of racist policies.

  5. Mar

    jjf, why don’t you tell us about your racism?
    See, I can play your game as well.
    And racism in these big Democratic liberal cities. I’m shocked. Liberals are not supposed to be racist. I guess jjf has come around believes liberals are racist.

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