If We Love America

Here is a nice essay from former West Bend Mayor and local business owner Kraig Sadownikow

This should not be a surprise as it has been brewing for a while.  We all saw it and felt it but chose to ignore it.  Times were good, the economy was booming, unemployment was non-existent.  Americans were winning.  Defenders of Liberty, Responsibility and the Rule of Law were proving once again that belief in the goodness and strength of American citizens will overwhelm any ideology looking to challenge our way of life.

There was, however, a Disease lurking behind the scenes.  The Disease of Hypocrisy.  We have all been let down by someone we trusted.  We’ve all expected a pat on the back but instead received a stab in the back.  Deep down, we know when a leader is not being truthful, when they are looking out for themselves while claiming to be defending us.  When they are trying to generate votes instead of trying to increase opportunity.  Very often we know we are being misled but go along anyway.  Worst of all is being so desperate and vulnerable that anyone promising a lifeline is viewed as a savior and granter of wishes.  The Disease of Hypocrisy has infiltrated our society.  For the good of America, it must be stopped.

The Disease aligned itself with the Corona Virus and, for a time, it was winning.  Fear and uncertainty were taking hold until America decided it had enough and fought back.  The virus fears were under control, we were getting back to a sense of normalcy, and it began to appear the USA, freedom and resiliency were going to come out on top once again.

However, the Disease could not accept an American win.  Killing, looting and destruction appear to be the newest food for the Disease’s hunger. We cannot allow our nation to act as the willing and complacent host any longer, not if we love America.

If we love America, it is time for adults to have adult conversations.  It is time for the minor leaguers to get back on the bench.  We need makers, not takers.  Public Servants not Politicians.

If we love America, we must continue to require justice for all.  We must prosecute offenders regardless of who the offender is and hold our government and all its representatives to the same high standards.

If we love America, we cannot tolerate being called a racist by those who project racism.  We cannot tolerate being called selfish by the selfish, uncaring by the uncaring or greedy by the greedy.  We simply cannot afford to stand for this any longer.

If we love America, we cannot allow another generation to be raised with the Disease robbing them of their right to be free, to learn, to strive for excellence and the opportunity to teach their children how to do the same.  Generations have been devastated by the promise of free wealth from the government only to find the promise materialize in poverty, destitution, and hypocrisy.

If we love America, we must distinguish between peaceful protesting and domestic terrorism.  We must call out, condemn, and extinguish those movements that choose terrorism and disguise it as progress.  Can we agree, destroying property defines a criminal, not a justice warrior.

If we love America, we must elect and follow leaders with the courage to speak the hard truth, the real hard truth.  Not tickle the edges.  If we don’t openly talk about the problem, we won’t solve it.  The Disease loves political correctness, not problem solving.  It loves confusion, not clarity.  It loves picking winners and losers, not helping to shape champions.

If we love America, we must accept the fact we have a Disease and begin working toward a cure.  Living in denial and thinking the Disease will go away on its own has not worked.  Get involved and speak up.  Accept an active, educated, and dedicated role in molding America’s future based on American principles.  It will be a challenge, the Disease won’t give up their pillage easily.

Because we love America we will beat the Disease.  We will start ignoring foolish political games.  We will brush off idle promises and quit being the tools with which radicals do their unholy work.  We will hold each other accountable for our actions and work to ensure there is liberty and justice for all.  We will be Sincere, not Hypocritical.

We knew someone would have to deal with the Disease at some point in time.  Fortunately, that someone is us, the time is now.  The day to get involved and start supporting American is Today.

Kraig Sadownikow

City of West Bend