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2242, 03 Jun 20

Three Other Minneapolis Cops Arrested


The three cops who watched on as Minneapolis police officer George Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck are now in custody after being charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng and Tou Thao were arrested Wednesday – nine days after Floyd’s death sparked nationwide protests.


Meanwhile, Chauvin – who was originally charged with third-degree murder – has now been slapped with an additional charge of second-degree murder. He now also faces 40 years in prison.

I do worry if they have over-charged them. We all want justice and proving intentional homicide may be difficult.


2242, 03 June 2020


  1. Mar

    This will be very difficult to prove, if given a fair trial.
    Different autopsy reports, we don’t know Floyd’s behavior before the camera went on, the drugs in his system and his previous criminal history.
    And the other cops will cover for themselves.
    Might be a another Freddie Gray situation.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


  3. MjM

    Mar sez:   we don’t know Floyd’s behavior before the camera went on

    Yes,  we do….

    Operator: 911 what’s the address of the emergency?
    Caller: This is ah 3759 Chicago Ave.

    Operator: How can I help you?
    Caller: Um someone comes our store and give us fake bills and we realize it before he left the store, and we ran back outside, they was sitting on their car. We tell them to give us their phone, put their (inaudible) thing back and everything and he was also drunk and everything and return to give us our cigarettes back and so he can, so he can go home but he doesn’t want to do that, and he’s sitting on his car cause he is awfully drunk and he’s not in control of himself.


    Operator: On 38th St. So, this guy gave a counterfeit bill, has your cigarettes, and he’s under the influence of something?
    Caller: Something like that, yes. He is not acting right.


    If you think this in anyway will tried fairly, you would be wrong.

    “Ellison added that the charges being brought should not bring an end to the global outrage over injustice that Floyd’s death has caused.  ‘The demonstrations and protests are dramatic and necessary…. ‘,  he said. ”

    This is Farrakhan devotee Ellison’s dream situation.



  4. Merlin

    The severity of charges depends upon what the prosecutor’s end game might be. If Ellison wants legal convictions he charges for what he can prove before a jury. Over-charging now can always be walked back later.

    If Ellison prefers a favorable political outcome he can fully prosecute on the over-charging, fail before a jury in the legal process, and still claim his failure is the result of a racist jury. Cue the civil disturbance encores.

    Ellison can’t lose here.

  5. Randall Flagg


    At least Ellison is holding the book right side up.

  6. Mar

    MjM, we also found out today that he had the Chinese virus. That pretty much explains why the cop had his knee on his neck. Floyd was sweaty and bloody and the cop really didn’t want to catch the virus.
    That doesn’t excuse how long the cop put pressure on his neck but it probably explains his mindset.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    And you are 100% positive the officer knew that at the time? It doesn’t count unless you were there, and are 100% positive.

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