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0657, 06 May 20

Wisconsin’s Constitutional Problem

This is the heart of the problem with Governor Evers’ power grab.

“There is a constitutional problem with the Legislature giving away this much power to an unelected cabinet secretary,” Bradley said. “The people never consented to a single individual having that much power.”

Whether or not you think the order is a good idea or not, Americans have purposefully divided power in their government to prevent the concentration of power.

Think about how this power could be abused (if you don’t think it’s being abused already). Imagine that they declare smoking a health crisis and the Health Secretary orders anyone caught smoking (tobacco or Mary Jane) or vaping to be imprisoned. Or perhaps too much screen time is declared a health emergency so the government regulates your screen time from the ISP. Or having large groups of kids together spreads disease so a bureaucrat closes all public schools. I’m struggling to come up with a farcical example because I could see any of these things being done if we concentrate that much power in the hands of a few… or one.

We are a self-governing people and our Constitution was constructed precisely to prevent something like this. Separate, coequal powers; checks and balances; elected officials making laws; Rule of Law; etc… these are the roots to which we must return.


0657, 06 May 2020


  1. jjf

    What would Walker have done?

  2. Owen

    That’s a good question for lefties to ponder as they celebrate and defend Evers’ dictatorial rule.

  3. Jason

    Hey Johnny, I wonder what Doyle would have done.   Or McCallum, or Tommy T!

    Sorry, just trying to dumb it down to your level!

  4. dad29

    Irrelevance is Jiffy’s middle name

  5. Merlin

    Whatever Walker would have done probably would have had the legislative lefties sheltering in place…  in Illinois.

  6. jjf

    I don’t know when the law was put in place.  I presume it was around for Walker, as-is.  Owen’s getting all “Rule Of Law” (caps noted) so let’s talk about what Should’ve Been Done.  You know, balls and strikes.  Common sense, Regular Folks.

    Or we could talk about what the WisGOP Should’ve Done, you know, because these laws get set by the Legislature, which I think they control.  Gavel in, gavel out!  If they didn’t care about the law before, and now they care, why don’t they have a plan to change it?  Why run to the SC?  Because they don’t have a plan, don’t want to decide?  Can’t tell us What Should’ve Been Done?

  7. Jason

    More stupid from Johnny.  So disappointing.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Referring to thge Brown County surge:

    “Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack dismissed the idea that the outbreak was community-wide and could be replicated elsewhere.
    “(The surge) was due to the meatpacking — that’s where Brown County got the flare,” Roggensack said. “It wasn’t just the regular folks in Brown County.”
    Who do you think she was referring to?  Regular folks,  Irregulars?  Or is this the racism that dud always refers to?

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    Please excuse my typo.  That should be “the”, not thge.


  10. jjf

    Such a mystery, Le Roi.  How did the virus get into the plant?  Why won’t it get out?

    Racism?  Could just be classist.

    But in either case, even if we assume she simply spoke poorly, it shows she hasn’t really considered how it got in the plant and how it came home to their families.

  11. Mark Hoefert

    @ jjf: But in either case, even if we assume she simply spoke poorly, it shows she hasn’t really considered how it got in the plant and how it came home to their families.

    Looks like Brown County incurious on that topic.  Too busy doing “god’s work”, focusing on testing residents and limiting the spread of the virus, no time for providing factual information. Maybe them “regular” folks up nord would not be able to comprehend the data.  Talk about your “useful idiots”.

    County officials are no longer releasing the number of cases of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, that are linked to local meatpacking plants; nor will they say how many residents of local nursing- and assisted-living facilities have been infected. They say their focus is on testing residents and limiting the spread of the virus.


  12. jjf

    Yeah, I think a number of counties around the country have been too close-lipped about details.  They cite ordinary privacy, they cite HIPAA, they cite confidentiality, they worry individuals might be targeted and attacked, sometimes it sounds like protecting moneyed interests.

  13. dad29

    More stupid

    Cascading stupid.

  14. jjf

    Step up, Dad29.  Tell us what details they should release, and what they shouldn’t, and why.

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