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1204, 05 May 20

Fascists Target Wausau Doctor

As I said before, this frenzy is really drawing out the fascists and totalitarians in our midst.

Police have stepped up patrols outside a cardiologist’s home after he was suspended from his job and targeted by vigilantes who exposed him on social media for not social distancing at an anti-lockdown rally in Wisconsin.

Dr. David Murdock, a cardiologist at Aspirus medical group, has been banned from seeing patients for the ‘foreseeable future’ after photos of him flouting social distancing rules and not wearing a mask at a protest last month went viral on Facebook.

The doctor of 33 years was exposed when Kevin Rusch spotted a photo of him in the crowds at the rally and shamed him for breaking the state’s stay-at-home order and putting his patients at risk of exposure to the virus.

Murdock, 68, admitted he attended the event but insisted he was social distancing.

Authorities have now had to step up protection for the Wausau-based medic after someone left a bag of feces on the front steps of his home – part of a growing spate of social distancing vigilantism emerging across the US as the pandemic continues to divide the American people.


1204, 05 May 2020


  1. Merlin

    Mr. Cardiologist can ask Mr. Lawyer about the best way to ease the pain.

  2. jjf

    Fascists and totalitarians?

    You mean just people, not those in power, right?  And a private hospital responded to public pressure.

  3. Owen

    Every fascist regime needs amateur shock troops to keep the masses in line. We see that Wisconsin has plenty of them.

  4. Mar

    jjf, you have become the 255th player drafted in the 2020 NFL draft.

  5. jjf

    Yeah, we could start a pro-mask group called AFP: Americans For Protection.

    I think Owen has caught Kevin’s dictionary disease.  Words can now mean whatever we want!

  6. Mar

    No, jjf, they need to be called SFNP, or Sheeple For Non-Protection.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    You suffer from leftist PC disease.  There is no cure for your brand of virus that butchers the english language constantly.

  8. Merlin

    Making an example of a cardiologist ($$$) to exercise punishment without due process may not have been such a bright idea. They should have tried the scare tactic first on some lowly hourly grunt without the means to fight the action.

    This pandemic is going to prove a boon for civil rights lawyers. The good doctor’s phone has probably been exploding with offers of representation.

  9. dad29

    needs amateur shock troops

    Jiffy forgets about the Brownshirts.  Deliberate or not?  You decide.

  10. Mark Hoefert

    Something I saw today:

    It’s ironic that the “check your privilege” crowd is largely also the “just stay home” crowd.

    “Just stay home” is a pretty big dose of privilege.

    Indeed some can stay home – at least most of the time – even the “stay at home” crowd is known to go to the grocery store or do the curbside restaurant pick up. If not, they rely on someone not staying safe at home to bring stuff to their door, prepare their dinners, and replenish the supply chain.

    Being retired, my wife and I are fortunate that we don’t have to go out to earn a living.  Some people are fortunate that they can work from home or even get paid while they are home doing nothing. But that does not mean we pass judgement on those who can’t.  It has to do with “empathy.”


  11. jjf

    Dad29, you see the protesters in Michigan, quite paramilitary in their Meal Team Six sort of fashion, and you don’t see the Sturmabteilung?

  12. dad29

    Nah.  Did they cause someone to lose their job?

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    “Every fascist regime needs amateur shock troops to keep the masses in line”.

    You mean like Bishop, Teague, and Teague?

  14. Mar

    Jjf, were you scared of those nasty old protestors?
    If you were, next time, turn off the television.

  15. dad29

    Der nacht exkremente is the Wausau version of Kristallnacht, Jiffster.  Lots of cattle up there.  Just ask LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy.

  16. jjf

    What’s strange about these protesters?  The cops aren’t in riot gear.  No one’s handcuffed with zip ties and escorted away.  No one’s being forced to the ground.  No rubber bullets.  They’re not obeying lawful orders.  Hmm, what could be different?

  17. Mar

    Probably, jjf, liberal protesters are known to be pigs, at times destructive and at times, violent.
    Conservatives, for the most part are not.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    “liberal protesters are known to be pigs”

    Sure mar, tell that to the four kids at Kent State 50 years ago this week.

  19. Mar

    Mentally Challenged Le Roi, I was talking about the garbage left behind at liberal protests.
    Can you get any dumber, Le Roi?
    Probably so.

  20. dad29

    Fifty years ago, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy?  How about telling it to the Poles and Jews only 81 years ago?  Or how about the Liberals protesting King George 245 years ago?

    How about telling it to the photographer in Seattle, Ngo, who’s been hospitalized a couple of times due to your pals in Antifa?

  21. jjf

    Tell us more stories, Grandpa.  If you were in Germany in ’39, which side would you have been on?  Which side would Kevin have been on?

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