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0949, 06 May 20

Hovde Asks Some Questions of Evers


0949, 06 May 2020


  1. Jason

    Someone tell Hovde’s team how to buy a certificate and run a web server on port 443 please.

  2. Mar

    The answer to Hovde’s questions is no.
    Hovde should have asked if there were any political considerations when extending lockdown more than a month. Like perhaps, Wisconsin is a swing state and if things go really bad, it might hurt President Trump and he will lose the presidential election.

  3. jjf

    “Things go really bad.”  Like if lots of people get sick, can’t go to work, a few percent die here or there…  like that won’t be bad, won’t be bad for the economy, right?  And it’s about Trump, and not the dead.

  4. Mar

    Obviously, jjf, you are here to troll because actually reading something would be too hard for you.
    Why did Herr Evers extend his order for more than a month when no other governor did that?
    But keep on trolling, jjf. Continue to look like a pathetic fool.

  5. dad29

    Ignoring the Jiffy McTrollface…..

    Evers cannot explain his actions to citizens of Wisconsin until Gau/Palm give him a large-print picture-book to read to the camera.  No questions will be taken.

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