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1222, 04 May 20

Denmark and the Czech Republic Do Not See Surge of Deaths After Partially Reopening

Good news. Just like the election in Wisconsin, we are over two weeks away from these reopenings and there hasn’t been a surge. We can reopen responsibly.

There was, though, encouraging news from the Czech Republic and Denmark, where phased exits from strict lockdowns implemented early in the pandemic are under way. In Denmark, daycare facilities and schools began reopening two weeks ago, followed by hairdressers and other small businesses on 20 April.

“There are no signs at all that the partial reopening has caused a bigger spread of infection,” said Christian Wejse, a scientist at the department of infectious diseases at Aarhus University. “At least there is no indication that we are heading into another wave. That has been the concern, but I can’t see that at all.”

The Czech health minister, Adam Vojtěch, said the country’s number of new cases had been below 100 for the past eight consecutive days and also reported that a staggered reopening of shops and services had not so far led to a surge in infections.

“So far we do not see a negative trend resulting from previous relaxations,” Vojtěch said. “We will proceed with caution, gradually in the upcoming waves, and I believe we are on a good path.”


1222, 04 May 2020


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    Hmm, Brown county and southern Oconto county are surging.

    Be smart. Be safe.

  2. Owen

    And they haven’t reopened. It’s almost as if reopening the economy doesn’t cause a surge and keeping the economy closed doesn’t prevent one. But I agree, be smart, be safe.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    The standard for closing has migrated from “flatten the curve” to the nebulous petty liberal tyrant standard of “preventing all new cases”.

    That is a subjective standard will liberal tyrancy florishes.

  4. Pat

    So what are communities afraid of? Open up!

  5. Jason

    Nothing more to say Leroy? Those counties have been “safer at home for over 30 days” and cases are increasing… what’s the death ratio? Care to think about that for a minute Leroy? Probably not.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Sure j, I have a lot more to say, but guys like you wouldn’t understand it anyway.  And, unlike you, I don’t swear.

  7. Mar

    Owen, why do you think that Herr Evers is going to reopen the State?
    He might toss some bones, but he doesn’t seem to understand the hurt that is going on, and that is being charitable.

  8. Jason

    Unlike me you dont think either. Poor widdle Leroy.

  9. Mar

    So, now, there is a murdering hornet in the United States from Asia.
    I am sure our chicken littles here, jjf and Le Roi will demand that all states go into quarantine and destroy the economy even further.

  10. jjf

    That’s right, Mar!  The virus won’t get you if you are sufficiently brave!

  11. Mar

    And the answer you have jjf , stay in lockdown indefinitely, is equally stupid. Moronic and evil as well.
    If you practice good hygiene, stay away from people as best as possible, the chances of you getting the Chinese virus is significantly lowered.
    Meanwhile, staying in a lockdown, hiding in your basement will give you poorer health, poorer mental health, no chance of getting antibodies and becoming more immune, loss of pay, loss of home and more.
    And when you go outside, your little butt will still catch the Chinese virus and chances are, it will be worse than if you went about a somewhat normal routine.

  12. Jason

    With a mortality rate just above the Flu, getting Covid-19 is hardly a death sentence.  As we have said all along, the ratio was wrong, very-very wrong.  Johnny and Leroy don’t understand that, they’re biased and clinging to the bad math.

  13. jjf

    Golly, you guys have so much common sense!  Why not run right out and find someone who has the infection, so you can give it to yourself?  Why not keep running around in the first few days after that, when you know you could be spreading it to others?  Why not step up to build herd immunity?

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    The proper common name is Giant Asian Hornet (Vespa mandarinia). Get with the program. And you should be concerned about their presence as they are significant predators on honey bees. But you wouldn’t understand or care, as folks as highly educated as you can’t be bothered by facts and reality.

  15. jjf

    But Le Roi, we don’t know how many bees there are, and how many hornets.  We don’t know the numerator or the denominator, so we should just be able to get haircuts and hang out at the bar.  It’s just common sense.

  16. dad29

    Giant Asian Hornet

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy the Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaycisssssssssssss.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    “it will be worse than if you went about a somewhat normal routine.”

    How so?

  18. Jason

    >You remember Neil 2.2Millon Ferguson, dontcha?

    He’s also known for his stellar modeling work on these…

    2001 – 150,000 estimated deaths from Foot and Mouth, actual count 200.
    2005 – 200,000,000 est deaths from Bird Flu, actual count < 500.
    2009 – 65,000 estimated deaths from Swine Flu, actual count < 500.

    Not just off a smidge… right?  200,215,000 estimated deaths in three pandemics modeled and the actual death count was somewhere near 1,000.

  19. jjf

    So who had the right numbers for what would’ve happened if nothing had been done?

  20. Mar

    Who, jjf, has advocated doing nothing?

  21. Jason

    >So who had the right numbers for what would’ve happened if nothing had been done?


    Again, no disputation of anything said.  Just misdirection and FUD.  Little Johnny sticks to his playbook on every discussion had.  That’s why he’s continuously labeled a troll.

  22. jjf

    Dispute?  You mean you want me to verify your info for you?

    You’re the one who said this particular guy had the wrong numbers.  Who had the right numbers?  Isn’t that what everyone wants and hopes for?

  23. guinness


    Suggesting something actually was done to drop the estimated deaths to the actual death counts in 2001, 2005 and 2009, please tell us exactly what that was. I don’t recall anything changing or being different for me. Other than a few news headlines, everything was business as usual.

  24. Jason

    >You’re the one who said this particular guy had the wrong numbers.


    I didn’t just say it, I proved it beyond any reasonable doubt.  The guy was wrong, astronomically wrong, 4 times now.  Someone needs to review his self-coded model that was used in each of these 4 mistakes.

  25. guinness

    So, one more time. What was done to drop the estimates to actual numbers?

  26. Mar

    Guiness, probably starting off, they got a person who is better in statistics.

  27. guinness

    No reply from the troll. What surprises me most is he always gets the last word. Must be frustrating for him.

  28. MjM


    100,000 mad cow deaths in the UK. Actual 117
    50,000 “lamb cow* deaths in UK. actual 0

    * Human vCJD somehow passed to sheep, then re-infecting other people

  29. Mar

    “Human vCJD somehow passed to sheep, then re-infecting other people”
    The UK.Where men are men and the sheep run scared.

  30. Jason

    That’s why the Scottish Men wear kilts… those sheep can hear a zipper from miles away!

  31. Jason

    >No reply from the troll. What surprises me most is he always gets the last word. Must be frustrating for him.

    I hope his bookshelf didnt fall over on him. Hes always bragging about it.

  32. jjf

    Sorry, kids, I still haven’t seen the original sources on the dirt-digging on Ferguson that you’re copy-pasting.

  33. Jason

    I know this is a complete waste of my time, but here you go Johnny



    Facts are facts, and these are easy to look up.  They’re published, they’re indisputable, and he’s been wrong every time he’s modeled a big name outbreak.   Oh guess what, he’s also admitted that his model was wrong this last time.  Remember a few weeks ago we settled that?  His 2.2 Million US citizens dead was based on faulty data and he said that.

  34. jjf

    That’s incredible!  One infected researcher, one casual meeting, and presto, they all got it?  Do tell!

  35. Mar

    There goes jjf. Mr. Irrelevant.
    Have you come with anything intelligent, jjf, in the 2 weeks? If so, I would like to see it.
    But I guess, when you have been proven wrong so many times, I guess the only thing you can do is act like a troll.

  36. jjf

    Did you read the article, Mar?  Ferguson might’ve been the one to infect Johnson!

  37. Jason

    >Did you read the article, Mar?

    Johnny’s modus operandi every day.


    Statement made he doesn’t like.


    Facts provided


    Johnny runs to the next discussion.

  38. jjf

    And over-estimates prove what about the virus, Jason?

  39. Jason

    Hey, I posted facts, irreconcilable errors in previous work from this guy, you asked for a source, I’ve given it….  now you want more?  I’ll give you this….  over-estimates prove nothing about “the virus” (you understand that each study that Now-Disgraced and Unemployed Ferguson referenced by me is a different virus, right?).  It proves that Ferguson has been wrong a LOT, but an astronomical amount, every time.


    Oh and that Ferguson is now unemployed.  So over 24 hours later, and still no refutation by Dumber than a Dog Johnny.

  40. jjf

    We’ve gone to war with even more inaccurate info, Jason.

  41. Jason

    >We’ve gone to war with even more inaccurate info, Jason.

    Anything to change the subject.  I knew it was a waste of my time.  8:47 AM today


    >I know this is a complete waste of my time, but here you go Johnny


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