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0802, 04 May 20

Healthcare System is Not Overwhelmed by COVID

We did our job. We flattened the curve. Can we go back to work?

But the bleakest projections have not yet been realized. Despite the mounting number of new confirmed cases each day, public health officials say social distancing, so far, has flattened what might have otherwise been a sharp peak.

Hospitals across the region have not exceeded their ICU bed or ventilator capacity to date. As of press time, health systems in southeastern Wisconsin had a total of 194 available ICU beds, and 1,134 available non-ICU beds, according to Wisconsin Hospital Association data. The region has 511 ventilators available across health systems, with 207 currently in use. 

“People are feeling better … about new cases and the ability to have beds and ventilators than we were feeling two or three weeks ago,” said Dr. Mark Kaufman, chief medical officer at the Wisconsin Hospital Association. “That’s really the good news. (But) we’re certainly not out of the woods.”


0802, 04 May 2020


  1. Mar

    The hospitals were well prepared, as I have said many times here.
    It was the so called experts who were wrong, horribly wrong.

  2. MjM

    “we’re certainly not out of the woods.”

    To the contrary, we were never in the the woods.

    And hospitals in WI are not and never were in danger of being overwhelmed.  Such scenarios exist only in moon-shot theoretical modeling.

    The [South East] region has 511 ventilators available across health systems, with 207 currently in use.

    The dis-ingenuousness of the article is evident in the fact that the are 1265 ventilators available state-wide and less than 1/3 of them (327) are currently in use… and not just for CCPVirus.

    But you may not want to use them.

    Invasive ventilation = 80-97% death rate for CCPVirus compared to 33% for non-CCPVirus ventilation.   Buy the time one is put on ventilation the cytokine storm is in high gear.  This is what is killing people, not the CCPVirus.



  3. dad29

    Maybe (or not ‘maybe’) this whole “close down hospitals” was a warning to uppity medical establishment personnel.

    And by the way, there is NO published/peer-reviewed study which endorses “social distancing.”


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