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1457, 24 Apr 20

West Bend Continues to Bow to Madison as Hartford Propels Forward

This is a disappointingly sheepish position.

While remaining open, West Bend has complied with the Safer at Home Executive Orders throughout all departments and is actively preparing for the Badger Bounce Back plan. “West Bend takes great pride in being a business-friendly community and we’re committed to supporting businesses throughout this process,” said Mayor Christophe E. Jenkins. “We’re actively working with businesses to propel them forward.”

The Police Department has worked with citizens and businesses to educate them on the Safer at Home Order and to seek their voluntary compliance. West Bend businesses have been directed to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) for clarification and questions on compliance regarding the State’s Emergency Health Orders. In a number of cases, WEDC was able to guide businesses to remain open in compliance with the orders. The City is grateful for the understanding and support that citizens and businesses have shown.

Business owners who have specific questions or concerns regarding the Safer at Home Order may contact WEDC. Residents may contact their state legislators.

I would have hoped that the City of West Bend would have taken a more muscular approach to protecting our rights and supporting the local economy.


1457, 24 April 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    We are considering Hartford approach at Special Board meeting in Kewaskum by undoing local enforcement of State emergency powers.   By repealing the local ordinance, the municipality, would no longer enforce State emergency authority.   Thus, allowing businesses to decide to open if they want like in Hartford.

    I am taking “muscular approach” and supporting repeal.   However, in the end, I am 1 of 7, and this really rests on the Village Trustees.

    There has been a Board request for health department to attend, which means there may be some sentiment to the West Bend approach.

    If constituents have an opinion, to take the Hartford approach, or the West Bend appraoch, I would contact the Village Trustees today.


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