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2241, 18 Mar 20

Europe Struggles with Border Controls

Oh, sure... NOW they like borders… but seriously, Croatia is right: the cure is proving to be worse than the disease.

More than a dozen countries moved to tighten or even shut borders that are usually open and uncontrolled in response to the spreading crisis, hitting work commutes, stalling deliveries of goods including food and hampering some health workers.

“The transport sector is being severely affected by a wide range of national measures to contain the pandemic,” Croatia, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency, said in a statement after a video call of the 27-nation bloc’s transport ministers.

“We agreed it is important to keep freight moving, also across borders in order to make sure that essential goods and medical supplies reach our citizens …

“Responses to COVID-19 should not aggravate economic and social distress by cutting off much-needed transport links. It is imperative that we keep the economy going,” it said.


2241, 18 March 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals for years: we don’t need no stinkin borders.

    Liberals today: we’ve always demanded borders, why have conservatives taken so long to enforce them?


  2. jjf

    Whew, it’s a good thing they didn’t say that, Kevin.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    You mean libs AREN’t criticizing president for not acting sooner on border closing?   Really?  You are going with that bilge?


  4. Jason

    Europe struggles with it, because in today’s snowflake society, everyone crosses the Finish line.  Bah Dum!

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