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0859, 12 Mar 20

Judge Adelman Opines

It appears that Jill Karofsky comes from the Adelman school of judging.

Yesterday, I blogged about a law review article by Judge Lynn Adelman. My post drove a news cycle. Judge Adelman was praised on Slate and Above the LawLaw 360 and the ABA Journal rounded up other coverage. Plus Fox News.

And the Washington Post actually got Judge Adelman on the phone. Judges should never answer calls from reporters about matters of public concern. Alas, Judge Adelman has already demonstrated his lack of discretion. Here is an excerpt:

In a phone interview with The Washington Post Tuesday, Adelman was unapologetic. “I think it’s totally appropriate to criticize the court when there’s a basis for it,” he said. “Judges are encouraged to comment on the law because we have a particular interest, knowledge and familiarity.”


0859, 12 March 2020


  1. Mar

    One of Tommy Thompsons biggest mistakes.

  2. dad29

    Adelman was regarded as a fool by lawyers (lefties AND righties) the minute he was appointed.

    Tommy made a lot of mistakes, but yes, Adelman was a horrible one for short-term gain in the Legislature.

  3. Mike

    Thanks judge for exposing your blatant bias and calling into question both your past and future decisions.

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