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1921, 23 Feb 20

Hunger in Venezuela

What a shame. There is not reason for this other than it is the predictable result of the implementation of socialism.

A total of 9.3 million people – roughly one-third of the population – are moderately or severely food insecure, said the World Food Program’s study, which was conducted at the invitation of the Venezuelan government. Food insecurity is defined as an individual being unable to meet basic dietary needs.

The study describes food insecurity as a nationwide concern, though certain states like Delta Amacuro, Amazonas and Falcon had especially high levels. Even in more prosperous regions, one in five people are estimated to be food insecure.

“The reality of this report shows the gravity of the social, economic and political crisis in our country,” said Miguel Pizarro, a Venezuelan opposition leader.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has been largely reluctant in recent years to invite international organizations to provide assessments of the nation’s humanitarian ordeal, though the World Food Program said it was granted “full independence” and collected data throughout the country “without any impediment or obstruction.”

“WFP looks forward to a continuation of its dialogue with the Venezuelan government and discussions that will focus on the way forward to provide assistance for those who are food insecure,” the agency said in a statement.

There was no immediate response to the findings by Maduro’s government.

The survey found that 74% of families have adopted “food-related coping strategies,” such as reducing the variety and quality of food they eat. Sixty percent of households reported cutting portion sizes in meals, 33% said they had accepted food as payment for work and 20% reported selling family assets to cover basic needs.


1921, 23 February 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Bernie should apologize for being so wrong ideologically.

    How dumb and uneducated are his supporters?

    This is a public school system failure.

  2. jonnyv

    Kevin, this isn’t a public school system failure! If you disagree with the philosophy, then it comes down to a parental failure. This is a(nother) BOOMER failure. If your children are picking up their ideology from school, then you have failed as a parent.

    To some extent kids peers will influence them, but if you feel that strongly about something and have not been able to influence your own children. That is on you.

  3. Le Roi du Nord


    Of course your comment begs the question:

    How dumb and uneducated are folks that believe the earth is 6000 years old; or those that believe the British have airports in North America in the 17oos; or those who believe windmills cause cancer?

    Failure of the schools, the parents, or of ideology?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why do you talk about anything but the socialist destruction in Venzuela?

    Do you want others to suffer under communist oppression?

    That would be awful.

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