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1523, 12 Feb 20

Justice Thomas Explains Judicial Conservatism

Spot on.

Judges must not bend rulings to their own racial, religious or partisan preferences and instead uphold the rule of law even when it leads to unpopular decisions, the US supreme court justice Clarence Thomas said on Tuesday.

“Each time a judge sidesteps or manipulates the law to achieve his or her desired outcome, the rule of law suffers and is undermined and eventually compromised,” Thomas said in Atlanta, during the dedication of a judicial centre that will house Georgia’s supreme, appeals and business courts.


“Our decisions should not be driven by a desire to be revered or lionised for reaching certain outcomes,” he said. “We are not mass media icons. We are judges, nothing more and nothing less.”


1523, 12 February 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    What a great Justice.

    To think, liberals tried to run this intellectual giant off the road with their disgusting partisanship on confirmation.


  2. Mar

    Justice Thomas is one of the best justices in US history. Very intelligent and thoughtful.
    And the awful liberals tried to sabotage his appointment by bringing out a liar.
    Just more evidence liberalism is a mental illness.

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