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1928, 29 Jan 20

Evers Creates Another Task Force

How many is that?

PEWAUKEE — Gov. Tony Evers today, joined by Department of Financial Institutions Secretary Kathy Blumenfeld, signed Executive Order #67 creating the Governor’s Task Force on Student Debt. This task force will be chaired by Secretary Blumenfeld and will be tasked with assessing student debt in Wisconsin and providing long-term strategies to reduce education-related debt, prevent abusive practices by loan companies, and improve financial literacy education.

How ’bout we focus on lowering the cost of college so that kids don’t feel the need to take on so much debt?


1928, 29 January 2020


  1. Mar

    What do you expect educators? They have committees for almost everything. Committee for birthdays. Committee for room decorations. Committee to name the biology teacher’s aardvark.

  2. Merlin

    Improve financial literacy? Financial illiteracy has been working quite well for higher education institutions. If the kids were financially literate they would reject taking on so much debt and demand a much better ROI.

  3. MjM

    I’m so passionate about finding creative ways to help our students and families.   – Phony nEvers

    Translation:  Make those not responsible for it pay it.





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