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1743, 06 Nov 19

Wisconsin Senate Rejects Pfaff Appointment

I would argue that it was a vote FOR farmers. He sucked at the job.

MADISON (WKOW) — Governor Tony Evers was outraged by Senate Republican’s decision to reject the confirmation of his pick to lead the state’s Agriculture agency.

Brad Pfaff was Evers Cabinet Secretary to lead the Department of Agriculture, Trade, Consumer Protection (DATCP) agency, a job he’s held since January.

Evers, who appeared in a rare occasion on the Senate floor during the debate, said Republicans sent a message to farmers who are dealing with a farm crisis and on-going trade war.

“This was a vote against Wisconsin farmers, period,” said Evers after the vote.


1743, 06 November 2019


  1. jjf

    This is the kind of deep-thinking WisGOP commentary that keeps Owen on the radio.  “He sucked.”

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “I would argue that it was a vote FOR farmers. He sucked at the job.”

    I wonder if you could expand on that claim?  Pfaff was supported by a number of Ag organizations, certainly not liberal organizations by any means, and was approved out of committee 9-0, 5 of those votes being R’s.  Pfaff is a middle of the road D, and certainly more qualified to be a Dept. Sec.  than some of walkers appointments, misstepp being the textbook example, followed closely by the former mayor of Superior.

    I would wager that Fitz had to get some press for his run for congress and chose Pfaff to be the whipping boy, and the 5 R’s on the committee didn’t have the spine to stand up to him.

  3. dad29

    Fitz Conspiracy Theory??

    Nah.  The man has some serious personality problems; he doesn’t work and play well with others.  And the Poop Regulation scheme is a couple of steps too far–no matter whose Administration wrote them.

    Now, then:  did Fitzie have another reason or two?  Sure.  It’s very clear that Evers has no interest in rational dialog with the Pubbies over any issue whatsoever.  So Fitzie decided to slap him upside the head with this one.

    Evers is way out of his league.  His job requires thinking.

    Beyond that, even Doyle managed to get along with opposite Party people.  Evers can’t do it.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are a Typical liberal.

    Owen said he sucked at his job. You falsely implied Owen said he sucked as a person. Rather than arguing he did do a good job, 9r argue the merit of underlying issue, you go right after Owen for delivering the message.

    Attacking the messenger for exposing liberal sins…


  5. jjf

    Sorry, Kevin, I didn’t think Owen said he sucked as a person.  The relevant part, as always, was the sucking.  If Owen wanted to be something other than a WisGOP water-carrier, he could’ve explained exactly why he sucked at his job.  So the brief insult was posted instead.

    As Dad29 correctly notes, I’d say this is about manure.  The question is whether farmers have a right to harm their neighbors.

    However, Dad29 also goes for the physical abuse analogy, which shows this element of his character.  See, Kevin, I didn’t say he sucked.  I said he might think that hitting people solves problems.

  6. Mar

    jjf, in what regards are you referencing farmers harming their neighbors?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll take that as a back track of your top comment.

    Still curious why you focused on Owen rather than defending this guy as a worthy public servant… unless you already know that Owen was correct?

  8. jjf

    Owen asserts that Pfaff sucked at his job, without explanation.

    You assert that I was saying Owen said Pfaff sucked “as a person” when I said no such thing.

  9. Mar

    jjf, if you read the article, you can see why the GOP thought he sucked in his job. You may not agree with it but there are reasons why a partisan hack sucked at his job.

  10. jjf

    Mar, why did all five Republicans approve of him in committee?

    Hundreds of farms go silent, and Fitz and Vos and friends think the answer is allowing the remaining farmers to dump more manure on the land.

  11. Mar

    jjf, maybe after voting in committee, the GOP looked at his real positions after he assumed his job and felt his job was safe.
    I have no problem with farmers dumping manure on THEIR land, as long the manure stays on their land, above ground. I have no sympathy for people who live next to farms and smell the poo.

  12. jjf

    Fitz complains that Pfaff didn’t solve the farm crisis…  in nine months… and Fitz has been in office since 1994.

    Yes, you’re right… the average CAFO does not own enough land for spreading their own manure.  They pay other farms and land so they can dump.  They employ trucks to run all day long to haul the waste.  The trucks wear down the country roads and our townships and counties pay for that.  And accidents happen, and bad actors emerge, and streams are polluted, and well water becomes brown.  I think oversight and regulation make sense in this context.  The farmer’s actions affect others.

    People who live in the country don’t somehow deserve to have their wells contaminated simply because they chose to live in the country and because some CAFO dumped too much manure.  Ask people in Kewaunee County.

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