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1926, 06 Nov 19

Voters Want School District to Dissolve

Good for them. It’s good to see the citizens being good stewards of their resources and focusing on what’s best for the kids.

The majority of voters in the Palmyra-Eagle Area School District would like to see the district dissolve.

Of the 2,298 votes cast in the Nov. 5 advisory referendum, 1,218 (53%) voted in favor of dissolution; 1,080 voted against it, according to unofficial results released Tuesday night by the school district.

The results of the referendum will be made official on Thursday, Nov. 7, PEASD District Administrator Steven Bloom said.

The nonbinding vote comes seven months after 61% of voters rejected an $11.5 million operational referendum that district officials said was necessary to keep the district afloat.


1926, 06 November 2019


  1. MjM

    Take a guess at what important facts are missing from the linked article.

    Hint: PE is a small district that had 1,100 students in 2011. Today there are 805.

    Hint 2: The $12 million referendum that went down in flames last April would have added $1,000 to the average PE district homeowners tax bill.

    From the linked article…..

    “….Deb Rutkowski said. “They’re older now and raising their own kids, but they all went through this school district and they all graduated with honors …..”

    So did my daughter. We thought, and were told, she was doing great. ‘A’ s across the board. But when she got to UWMadison she got absolutely slammed in the areas of math and sciences. Nearly washed out. It took two years of tutoring to get her up to speed, and after graduating confirmed that PE schools had not even come close to preparing her for higher education. And this is a girl who started 1st grade a year early because, thanks to me and da wife, she could read at a 3rd grade level.

    Now guess what my vote was.

    (Side Bar: daughter years later married one of her college math tutors. A very sharp fellow. Elect-engineer, big hunter and musky fisherman. So we got that going for us. Which is nice)

  2. Mark Hoefert

    MjM, glad things turned out fine for your daughter.

    Every 3 years UW Madison must meet a legislative requirement to list how many incoming WI high school graduates need to take remedial course in math or English.

    In fall of 2018, Palmyra Eagle sent 31 incoming freshmen. 11 needed Math Remediation. That is 35.5%.

    This platform only allows one link to keep the comment out of moderation.  SO, I am unable to link to the MacIver Institute article where they analyzed the data and found that the majority of the students needing remediation came from “5 Star” school districts.



  3. MjM

    Mark, thanks for that interesting (and disturbing) info. Seeing those numbers makes one wonder just how rampant the “pass through” fraud really is.

    Granted, you will always have a kid or two who struggles with the beyond-arithmetic branches, especially if their main interests lie elsewhere. OTOH, I don’t thing we are talking quantum physics here either.

    When you have 1/3, or in some of those cases nearly 1/2, of students needing re-teaching, somebody is lying. And it ain’t the kid.

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