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2144, 27 Oct 19

Beer Burps and Farts Will Kill Us All

Or something.

For the millions of people who descend on Munich for the annual bash, Oktoberfest is a celebration of beer, bands and bratwurst.

But as the dust settles for another year on the world’s largest folk festival, and die Bierleichen (“beer corpses”) return to the land of the living, environmental scientists have released the first analysis of methane emissions from the 16-day party.

Researchers at Technical University in Munich walked and cycled around the perimeter of the festival last year with mobile sensors aloft. The instruments found the event emitted nearly 1,500kg of methane – 10 times the amount that wafted off Boston, Massachusetts, in the same period.

The scientists attributed most of Oktoberfest’s emissions to leaks and incomplete combustion in cooking and heating appliances. Though an appreciable part of the rise in the gas, about 10%, was attributed to the flatulence and burps of attendees.


2144, 27 October 2019


  1. Mar

    So, what did these researchers do, follow people with some kind of gas detector attached to their butts?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Germans are equivalent of cows in climate change religion?

    That is scary.

    Measuring methane at this festival, what a weird religion this is.

    Do we eliminate Methane by putting all Germans in “work camps” and take away their beer?

  3. MjM

    Mar wonders: “So, what did these researchers do., follow people with some kind of gas detector attached to their butts?”

    No.  Their own.



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