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0753, 24 Oct 19

Some Aldermen Push for Unnecessary Tax Increase

Take note, Benders.

Shambeau’s original presentation projected a $7.85 tax rate for 2020, which is the amount a property owner pays in city taxes per $1,000 of property value. At the Finance Committee, Shambeau was directed to rework the budget to hold the tax rate flat and use the fund balance to make up the difference. That after Mayor Kraig Sadownikow said there was about $500,000 left over in the budget.

At Monday’s council meeting, Alderman Justice Madl proposed returning the budget to the original presentation, including the 6-cent change.

The motion fell after the eight-member council tied on the vote, and Sadownikow voted against the motion.

Madl and Aldermen John Butschlok, Mark Allen and Steve Hoogester voted to revert the budget, with Aldermen Andrew Chevalier, Chris Jenkins, Rich Kasten and Roger Kist voting against.

“I don’t support making that change,” Madl said of using fund balance.

After years of work, the reserve fund is flush. There’s no reason to raise taxes so that they can keep adding to it.


0753, 24 October 2019


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