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1526, 24 Oct 19

School Task Force Presentation Tonight

Don’t forget!

The West Bend School District Private Task Force (WBSDPTF) is a group of local citizens who came together after the failed referendum to take a deep look at the district’s facilities that were the subject of the referendum. The Taskforce was not sanctioned or created by the School Board, but the School District gave the Taskforce unfettered access and reams of data. The Task Force presented its findings to the School Board on October 14th. Now the Task Force will share the findings with Common Sense Citizens of Washington County (CSCWC) and answer any questions about those findings. The meeting will take place Thursday, October 24th at The West Bend Moose Lodge beginning at 7:00PM. As always. the meeting is open to the public.

UPDATE Here is the Presentation that we will be reviewing tonight.


1526, 24 October 2019


  1. Mark Hoefert

    It was a good presentation & I thought it was well received.  Refreshing that no one in attendance was advocating for the “do nothing/spend nothing” approach. Good to get the input from several former board members and one current board member.

    As to the boy’s high school locker room situation – after you described it, I kept thinking, keep it the way it is. Don’t replace any lights bulbs as they burn out, and you will create that “urb-ex” vibe that the young people are attracted to.


  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am sure it was a good meeting. Great ideas. Great people.

    The problem is: everyone involved is still hampered by one problem. A lethargic government monopoly that is slow to make meaningful change, subject to dysfunction at various levels. Like playing baseball with your hands tied.

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