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2154, 28 Sep 19

Hong Kong Continues to Fight Totalitarianism

Keep on fighting.

HONG KONG, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Hong Kong protesters are to join a global “anti-totalitarianism rally” on Sunday, following another night of violent clashes with police after weeks of pro-democracy unrest in the Chinese-ruled city.

Police fired tear gas and water cannon on Saturday night to disperse protesters who threw petrol bombs and rocks, broke government office windows and blocked a key road near the local headquarters of China’s People’s Liberation Army.

A series of protests for and against the city’s Communist Party rulers in Beijing is planned ahead of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic on Tuesday, including at the consulate of former colonial power Britain.

Thousands, young and old, gathered peacefully on Saturday at a harbourside park to mark the fifth anniversary of the “Umbrella” pro-democracy movement which gridlocked streets for 79 days in 2014.

Then the violence began, following a pattern of the last few weeks.

Anti-government protesters have attacked the legislature, Beijing’s main Liaison Office, occupied the airport, thrown petrol bombs at police, vandalised metro stations and set street fires.

Police have responded with tear gas, water cannon, rubber bullets and occasional live rounds fired into the air.

The protesters are angry about what they see as creeping Chinese interference in Hong Kong, which returned to China in 1997 under a “one country, two systems” formula guaranteeing freedoms that are not enjoyed on the mainland.


2154, 28 September 2019


  1. Mar

    I’m glad they are protesting. But the violence is not good. Then they become like the group liberals love, Antifa.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    While liberal Marxists in America cheer their ideology is subjecting Hong Kong to their tyranny!

    Waiting for one of the local libs here to muster any sort of denouncement of Bernie’s heroes doing this!

  3. dad29

    Owen:  Mike Bloomberg says Xi is “not a dictator.”  Please revise your post.

    Mar:  A group of rebels, in 1775, were violent.  Resorting to violence is not always evil.

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