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2122, 16 Sep 19

High School Kids Put on Probation After Displaying Trump Flag

There’s something going on

Cheerleaders from a North Carolina high school have been put on probation after they held up a flag in support of President Donald Trump before a football game.

The North Stanly High School cheerleading squad was placed on probation on Monday for waving the Trump 2020 banner last month during a home game.

Members of the squad posed for photos with the banner on August 30 before the game in Stanly County, which is about 50 miles north-east of Charlotte.

The banner read: ‘Trump 2020: Make America Great Again.’

I don’t have a problem with the school’s action. They have a rule and they are enforcing it. As long as they do so consistently, so be it.

But there’s something going on with kids and Trump. I’ve been to three high school football games this year. At two of them – in different cities with kids from different schools – the kids in the stands had Trump signs. One school had a Trump flag they hung over the railing and another school had several kids wearing MAGA hats with one kid wearing a Trump cape. What’s up?

It seems that it’s becoming the rebellious cool thing to do for kids to support Trump. Is it because so many of their teachers are anti-Trump and they are pushing back? Is it because they are rallying around the pro-America message? Is it just the cool thing to do because some kids did it first and others followed along? Or is just anecdotal and not a trend at all?

I’ll report back on how the rest of the season goes.



2122, 16 September 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It is an awesome trend.

    Good to see that not all young people are not corrupted by Marxist evil in academia.

  2. steveegg

    I’ll go with “rebellion” for $500, Owen.

  3. jjf

    First define “cool” Owen.  You are the arbiter of teen cool these days?  There were no teen idiots back in your day?

  4. Merlin

    Oh, my! Orange Man Bad has the potential to become a counterculture icon?

  5. Mar

    It wasn’t the school putting them on probation but it was the state athletic association. To me, that is an over reach by the association. If the school was OK with it, then the association had no business butting their heads in.

  6. jjf

    Mar, if the association has a rule about it, and if these cheerleaders are subject to its rules, then why is that “butting their heads in?”

  7. Mark Hoefert

    “if the association has a rule about it, and if these cheerleaders are subject to its rules, then why is that “butting their heads in?”

    Isn’t that the purpose of state athletic associations, to enforce standards of conduct that athletes must obey?  I remember high school athletes getting suspended from games for being present at underage drinking parties, even though they were not drinking.  I guess it is just a matter of time before high school athletes are expected to be treated like “special snowflakes.”

    In this case, it appears the “penalty” was pretty much a soft slap on the wrist. Probation, no suspension from any games.


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