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0749, 30 Aug 19

Pot-Laced Vaping Linked to Health Issues

I figure that we’re about five years from massive lawsuits against the vaping and pot companies.

The Milwaukee Health Department reports some of the patients hospitalized were dabbing, inhaling marijuana oils or extracts.

On Thursday, DHS said in a state investigation of people with lung disease who reported vaping, 89 percent of the 27 cases interviewed so far reported using e-cigarettes or other vaping devices to inhale THC products, such as waxes and oils.

“Some through products that were not built — purchased through the normal marketplace. Perhaps being bought on the streets that were sold with THC as an additive,” said Alderman Murphy.

FOX6 News reached out to a half-dozen vape shops in and around Milwaukee for comment. Owners either declined, or never returned our calls.


0749, 30 August 2019


  1. jsr

    I expect the cause will turn out to be some contaminant and not the THC additive itself.  That said, why would anyone think that inhaling who knows what would be safe?

  2. kjanz1899

    This will hamper future attempts to legalize recreational use of THC even if it turns out the real cause is not the added THC.

  3. dad29

    This will hamper future attempts to legalize recreational use of THC

    That’s a feature, NOT a bug.

    “Recreational” pot is demonstrably bad for users beginning about month 3, and bad for anyone in their ambit, too.

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