Cauliflower and Navy Bean Ice Cream

No. Just. No.

Becca Hoffman, who is 14 years old, eats ice cream with her dad almost every day. This summer, she tried new varieties he bought. All made with vegetables.

She enjoyed the cotton candy flavor (made with beets) but was less keen on the strawberry (with “hidden carrots”). “You could tell there was something else ground up in the ice cream,” she says.

For ice cream lovers, it is the summer of our discontent. Eager to woo health-conscious consumers, food brands are marketing a growing range of ice cream alternatives made with ingredients such as avocado, cauliflower, beets, zucchini, oats and navy beans.

“I do not think ice cream is supposed to be healthy,” says 10-year-old Marek Hommé, a rising fourth-grader in Jefferson, Mass., whose mother has attempted to serve him alternatives made from cashew milk and bananas.